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Increase your reach with social ad campaigns.

Raise awareness for your job posts outside your network. Our fully automated social ad campaigns enable you to promote your job posts on the social media and websites your target audience loves to use.


Reach passive

70% of the workforce isn't actively searching for a job, but open to a new one. Show your job posts to passive talent on the channels they love to use.


Strengthen your employer brand

By raising awareness for your job posts, you also promote your Employer Brand.


Powered by Wonderkind

Social ad campaigns are powered by Wonderkind, a programmatic job advertising platform fully integrated into Homerun.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Wonderkind’s self-learning technology shows your job post to talents in the most cost-efficient way. Their algorithm allows you to show your job posts within your target audience’s online routine.

Reach and retarget talent every moment of the funnel

Your campaign first reaches passive talent, retargets them wherever they go online and encourages them to interact with your job post and employer brand.

Fully automated:
save time and increase performance

Each campaign is created, distributed and optimised using automated A/B-testing. Budget is moved between media channels based on real time measured performance.


Job ad campaigns on social media, apps and websites.

A social ad campaign is a series of online advertisements that your audience will encounter as a sponsored post on social media, and apps. By using artificial intelligence Wonderkind optimises your campaign during a 3 to 4 week period, shifting budget to channels that perform well.

FB Audience Network

Apps and websites


Feeds, Instant Articles, in-stream video, right column


Feeds, Instant Articles, in-stream video, right column


Newsfeed, sidebar, messenger and in-app.


Newsfeed and Stories

Google search ads

A higher ranking in the search results


Easy, predictive and transparent campaign set-up

Setting up an automated campaign is done in a few clicks and takes no technical expertise. All you have to do is define your audience, customise and check your budget. And thanks to advanced algorithms, you can see the expected outcome of your social ad campaign before you even launch it.

In partnership with Wonderkind

Trusted by 1000+ companies, Wonderkind is the leading programmatic job advertising platform. Learn more or watch this video.

Advice and answers from the Homerun team

Have more questions about anything Social Ad Campaign related? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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