Increase your reach via social media.

Homerun's Social Ad Campaign tool enables you to present your job opening as a series of attractive online ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network.

Social Ad Campaigns

Connect with talent by turning your job post into a series of online ads.

Our Social Ad Campaign tool enables you to present your job opening as a series of attractive online ads on social media and platforms talent loves to use.

A social ad campaign is a series of advertisements that your audience encounters as sponsored posts on social media, websites and mobile apps. 

Campaigns are automatically optimized during a 3-to-4 week period, using machine learning, shifting budget to channels that perform well.

You’ll be able to connect with talent that you wouldn't reach through traditional job boards. While strengthening your Employer Brand at the same time. 

Included platforms

and more.

Your posts will be shown on the world's most popular social media platforms and on a wide variety of websites and mobile apps. Learn more.

Getting started

Setting up a campaign is
really easy

Setting up your own social ad campaign is done in a few seconds and doesn’t take any technical expertise whatsoever. Before you launch your campaign we give you an estimate of how many people you'll reach. This way there won’t be any surprises.

How it works

Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our partner Wonderkind’s self-learning technology is able to hyper target talent with your job post in the most cost-efficient way. Their algorithm allows you to show your job posts within your target audience’s online routine.

Each campaign is created, distributed and optimised using automated A/B-testing, targeting settings, media channels and timing to optimise your campaign's performance.

Partnering with Wonderkind

Trusted by 1000+ companies, Wonderkind is the leading programmatic job advertising platform. Learn more or watch this video.

More questions about Social Ad Campaigns?

Find answers and advice from the Homerun team in our FAQ.

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