We're in this together.

A letter to our customers and community.

by Willem van Roosmalen, co-founder Homerun

On behalf of the entire Homerun team, we hope you're healthy and taking good care of yourself as well as the people around you. COVID-19 is a disruption affecting everyone everywhere, both in our private, and work life. And in these unprecedented and uncertain times, it's most important to realise we're all in this together. Whether you are a business owner, manager or employee, this is the time to hold true to your values; treat your colleagues, customers and freelancers well.

Every business is a community
We also understand resilience and a rational take on financials is key to keeping your business healthy. But now more than ever, you need to invest in the soft side just as much. Take care of the people that you work with, don't underestimate the impact your company can have right now. It's not just a business that pays out salaries. It's a community of people that have each others backs. Remind each other and be grateful for the company you're part of.

Start sharing
Although you might be freezing some of your hiring, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything at all; now is the time to invest in your employer brand. Keep building an engaged audience. It's about showing them who you are, especially now. What's happening in your company? How are you dealing with all this? What initiatives are flourishing? What are you struggling with? Focus on the how and why especially. Social media and a newsletter are great assets to adopt right now. We're all in isolation and will be spending more time on our phones and laptops. But if you try to make a buck out of all this, people will shut you out. Stay authentic and draw from your core values, and people will respect you long after this crisis is behind us.

Homerun responds
As a team, we're also opening up to how we're dealing with all this. Follow us on Instagram to get a peek behind the scenes.

  • Our customer team is reaching out to offer help and understand better what problems you're facing, so we can come up with solutions.
  • Our product team has launched a feature that allows you to pause applications and keep your job opening online even in a hiring freeze. This could be for you, if you're not yet clear on when you'll need someone in a specific role or if you're expecting to hire again in the near future.
  • We've adjusted our pricing so companies with a total hiring freeze don't pay anything, this way they can still access candidates, and have their career page up and running (we also advise setting up a company/career newsletter so candidates who find you, can receive updates).
  • If there's anything we haven't thought of, please reach out!

Support small businesses
Five years ago, I founded Homerun together with Thomas and Bob to empower small businesses. Now, a team of 20 awesome people work tirelessly because we share a passion for businesses that have 10, 50, maybe 200 people working for them. And these are exactly the companies that need your help most. So help small business get through this! Order takeout, shop small online, support local business owners, choose the small guys over the big guys. That's what we're doing also, both in our work and private lives.

Stay safe,