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A hiring process that fits your team.

Engage your entire team at every step of the hiring process with @mentions, notes, todo's, events and a Review inbox to encourage candidate rating.


A single dashboard to keep your hiring organised.

With Homerun’s intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you can finally keep your entire recruitment process centralised and organised.

Notifications and roundups

Receive updates about new applications and team communications in the app, in your email or in Slack.

All your data centralised

Profiles, communication with and about candidates all in 1 place.

Check and review on the go

Check, review, rate and leave notes on your mobile or tablet.


Manage and nurture talent every step of their application.

Goodbye email. Say hello to a full force Applicant Tracking System where you can review applicants together, faster and more effective than ever.


You're in control of every team member's access.

Tag based candidates

Use tags so you can easily find candidates back in a second.

Advanced bulk

Reject, change or email multiple applicants with just one click.


Seamlessly review candidates together.

Review applicants online, together as a team, saving yourself and your colleagues lost time and a head ache.

Review with ease,
rate with stars

You and your team save time by reviewing incoming applications with just one click.

All feedback
in one place

A centralised, safe place where your team can share feedback about candidates.

Assign to do’s and reminders

An effective way to help you and your colleagues get things done.

@mentions keeps your team sharp

Mention colleagues so nothing slips through the cracks.

Share candidates outside your team

Ask feedback from someone outside your team.


Give every applicant the attention they deserve.

Keep your communication workflow organised with automated confirmations, handy email templates and efficient bulk actions.

Centralize your communication

Allow colleagues to follow along and join in on email conversations.

Personal email templates

Save time with templates for rejections and invitations to jump start your reply.

Auto email confirmation

Applicants will receive automated confirmation emails.

Bulk reject candidates

Save time and reject multiple applicants with one click.

Schedule interviews

Create events and invite candidates for a job interview.


Dedicated features to comply with the new GDPR regulation

Homerun enables you to handle personal data of every single candidate with care. Need actionable tips and down to earth advice on the GDPR?

Visit our GDPR guide

Active consent checkbox

Ask candidates for active consent so you can process their personal data.

Deletion of personal data

Enforce your retention policy by deleting personal data in bulk, based on easy to use date filters.


Upload and link your privacy statement to your career page, job posts and application forms.



Every feature is available to everyone, including these highlighted features:


Hire teams

Assemble hiring teams so colleagues can help review fast and effective.

Review on the go

Check, review, rate and leave notes from your desktop, tablet or mobile.


Use Homerun's API to easily connect with software that you're already using.


Receive notifications where ever it fits your workflow: in the app, in your email or in Slack.


Leader board

One overview of applicants. From where you simply email, archive or reject.

Status board

Easily view and change who’s in which stage by dragging & dropping.

Review board

Rate, comment on, and chat about applicants, together.

Custom job stages

Create your own pipeline by easily adding and changing job stages.


@mention team members

@mention someone in your hire team so he/she gets an email and in-app notification.

Weekly roundup

Weekly roundups make sure everyone know what's going on.

Team notes

Sometimes a star isn't enough, notes give more freedom for expression.

To do's

An effective way to help you and your colleagues get things done.


Confirmation email

Applicants will auto-receive personalised confirmation emails.

Receive and send email

Email right inside of Homerun, without having to leave your browser.

User permissions

You're in control over which permissions each user has.

Bulk actions

Save time and reject or move multiple applicants with one click.

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