Increase your reach with Social Ad Campaigns

Today, we're happy to announce our first partnership with Wonderkind and a huge new feature to help you increase the reach of your job posts and employer brand.

After more than a year of beta testing we're very excited to make Social Ad Campaigns available to everyone. With our new feature it has become really easy to raise awareness for your job posts outside your network. Our fully automated social ad campaign technology enables you to promote your job post on the social media and websites your target audience loves to use. Within a few clicks you build your own ads that will be shown on Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads.

Want to get started with your first Social Ad Campaign? Here’s how to start.

This new feature is just the beginning of what we have in store for promoting and sharing your employer brand. Expect many more channels and unique ways to promote job openings in the future! In the meanwhile, we'd love to hear from you about ways you're already spreading your employer brand.

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