What we shipped: May 2019

What's new 🆕

From now on, most job blocks can be copy-pasted, including all of their (multi-language) text, images, video, and other content. Within a job opening, but also across openings!

Other new things and bugfixes:

  • From now on, the font-properties icon is always visible in the editor (so you no longer have to hover the selected font first)
  • In the mini menu of every job block, the gear icon and “Settings” label have been replaced by just an ellipses (dots) icon
  • When moving job blocks, the (beginning of the) content is now being shown in the interface, instead of just “Text”
  • The input element for adding a new question has been moved to the list on the right
  • The colors in the questions modal have been switched around, to put more focus on the primary list
  • When you click an existing question to edit it, the text will no longer be selected by default (so you are now able to put your cursor in the text)