Homerun’s new pricing plans - what you need to know

We’ve updated Homerun’s pricing by introducing four pricing plans designed to fit your needs as well as your budget.

Don’t sweat it - if you’re already a Homerun customer, nothing has to change for you just yet. Unless you want it to.😉  
This page covers everything you need to know, including:

  • What the new pricing plans are
  • Why we’re making this change
  • What this means for current customers
  • An update for non-profits and B-corps

The new plans

Whether you’ve been using Homerun to grow your team or to make your very first hires, you’ve probably experienced the peace of mind that a clear and organized hiring process can bring you. Our new pricing better reflects how you use Homerun and the value you get from it.

These are the biggest changes:

  • Each plan now has a fixed price per month which includes a number of job slots and a set of features based on your needs of how much you’re hiring.
  • We have a Free plan for the first time ever with which you have access to Homerun’s core features and have the ability to hire your very first team members at no cost.
  • With our Plus plan, you have access to all features, 10 job slots per month and the ability to add more job slots as needed.

Why we’re making this change

  • Homerun is growing up

Seven years ago, we started offering our hiring tool at one basic price. Since then Homerun has really matured and we’ve made huge strides towards accomplishing our mission to help small companies with big hearts make meaningful hires.

The thing is, part of growing up as a company is moving towards a more predictable revenue. This is why these new pricing plans make sense. They allow us to grow our team with more confidence, so we can build more features that will improve the core experience of Homerun – all to help you hire even better. We’re super excited about the projects that are enabled by these changes and we know you will be too when we announce exactly what’s coming.

  • Plans reflect the wide range of needs of our customers

We’ve noticed that different types of customers use different features and that the amount of hiring can range greatly between companies. We’ve created these four pricing plans to reflect this huge range in needs between companies. So you’ll pay less if you’re using less and you’ll pay a bit more if you’re using some of the bigger features we’ve recently added to Homerun.

  • Hiring within reach for companies just starting out

These pricing plans mean that Homerun becomes more accessible to companies with tighter budgets. We’ve found that a lot of small companies can benefit A LOT from some of our more basic features, but can’t pay the price that covers the full range of features they don’t all need. Tailoring our pricing to our customers’ needs and budgets means we can now offer a Homerun at no cost with our Free plan, helping more small businesses make meaningful hires.

What this means for current customers

No worries – nothing has to change for you just yet. Depending on how you’re paying for Homerun at the moment, you can stay on your current plan (our Legacy plan) for a while longer. We’ve sent you an email with the exact details of your account.

Of course, you’re welcome to switch to one of our new plans! It might be worth having a looksie at our Free plan to see if it meets your needs. If that’s the case, switch, keep hiring and pay nothing. 👀

For all the details on the Legacy plan have a look at this Help Center article.

An update for B-corps and non-profits

All non-profits and B-corps can now use Homerun for 50% off. We want to support companies that are doing great things for the world. If that’s you, shoot us a message and we’ll make sure you get this discount.

For more information have a look at these Help Center articles or reach out to us by clicking the blue talk bubble on the bottom right. We’re happy to answer any questions!

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