Some little big wins that make hiring that much easier

No matter how big or small, every Homerun update is meant to make your hiring just that much smoother — for you and your candidates. Over the last weeks we've tweaked and polished a few existing features to help you get the most out of them. Here's what's new:

We've made it easier to share your job posts on Indeed and VONQ

  • Post your jobs to Indeed:

With an XML feed link you can allow Indeed to automatically add your job posts to their job board. From your Homerun account you can generate an XML feed link that you can then send over to Indeed. Once they've handled the integration, your active Homerun job posts will automatically show up on the Indeed website. The feed is updated automatically, so if you create a new job, change a job, or close a job then the job board will be automatically be updated once a day. Like magic ✨.

  • Market your jobs using VONQ:

VONQ is a recruitment marketing platform you can use to run campaigns for your job posts. To make use of VONQ's services you can reach out to VONQ and share with them the XML feed link that you can generate from your Homerun account. This will push your job posts through to VONQ where you can then run campaigns on job boards and social media.

If you have any questions about this, have a look at this help center article or shoot us a message!

Log in with Microsoft

You can now log in to Homerun using your Microsoft account. This way you can log in faster and easier while benefiting from your Microsoft security settings. To find out how to switch the way you log in, have a look here.

Emails have had a glow-up

Emails that you receive about new candidates, @mentions and more have a fresh new look. They are now more inline with the design of in-app notifications and they look damn sleek if we don't say so ourselves.

Your company logo is now clickable on your job posts

Your company logo now has a hyperlink which brings the clicker back to the career page in addition to the back button at the top of the job posts.

Updates to the Live Editor

We have a couple of fun updates to the Live Editor that give you even more creative freedom to make something great out of your career page and job posts.

  • You now have complete control over the letter spacing of your text.
  • The apply button can now be centred. For if you're into symmetry.
  • We've added some new fonts to the editor. Go wild with some fonts that are pretty out there. They just might fit your brand.

For inspiration on how to use these updates in creative ways for your job posts, have a look at how they are used in our new job post templates.

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