How Fashion for Good grew their hiring while keeping the process personal and bespoke.

Homerun has led Fashion for Good to save time on their hiring so more of their attention gets directed towards creating a personal, transparent and bespoke experience for their candidates.

Brittany Burns

Brittany Burns
Director of Strategy & Corporate Development

Fashion for Good team

Fashion for Good

is a global organization that aims to reimagine how fashion is designed, made, worn and reused so that fashion becomes a force for good.


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An agile and lightweight hiring process

Before Homerun: a decentralized approach to hiring

Like a lot of companies, Fashion for Good's hiring process was very ad hoc and it hinged on an email inbox where all applications came in. "Inbox organization with labels and folders was the only way we knew to keep an overview of the applications. And you can only go so far with this." As hiring efforts grew, it became a must to professionalize the process.

With Homerun: now there's a clean and organized tool to grow our hiring

Homerun has done a really good job at growing with our organization. As our hiring grew, it helped us professionalize our process in a very agile and lightweight way. Homerun really holds our hand through each stage of the hiring process. Being able to visually shuffle candidates through each hiring stage has changed our approach to hiring.

In Homerun you can visually shuffle candidate's though each hiring stage.

Brittany Burns

"The whole team loves Homerun and we really wonder how we did without for so long. We can't imagine the process without Homerun now."


A consistent and personal experience for candidates

Before Homerun: Bespoke feedback became a challenge as the team grew faster.

In the past when the Fashion for Good team was growing gradually, there was time to give each candidate bespoke feedback on their application. Being able to offer candidates this personal attention is important to the FFG team. After all, candidates take the time to send in thoughtful applications. FFG wanted to find a way to continue to send thoughtful replies. It became a challenge to keep this up as some job posts received hundreds of applications.

With Homerun: Saving time on the process means more focus on the candidates.

With Homerun Fashion for Good is able to tag applications with labels like 'too junior for the role' and send bulk emails that address the reason for rejection. "This way we can efficiently offer feedback that's still specific to each candidate. We want to provide a streamlined, fair and transparent process to candidates and the communication tool in Homerun is essential to this. (...) Also we are able to spend more time evaluating the hundreds of applicants because Homerun saves us time on other parts of the process."

Example of the Kanban style overview page with candidates and stages.

Brittany Burns

"Having a tool that takes the heavy lifting off of us means we can spend more time on evaluating candidates to find the right match."

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