Application forms

Forms for organized hiring & a great candidate experience

Opt out of an inbox full of resumes and opt in for user-friendly application forms that candidates love.

Make applying for a job a great experience for candidates

Gather basic info

Get the info you need from candidates with custom questions.

Multiple question types

Choose from a selection of question types to add to your apply form like multiple choice, yes/no, file upload and text.

Custom branding

You're in control of every image, logo, font and color.


Receive updates about new applicants in the app, in your email and/or Slack.

GDPR optimized

Homerun allows you to be completely GDPR compliant.

Confirmation email

Keep candidates in the loop with automated confirmations.

Question types

Get the info you need from candidates with custom questions and assignments

Whether you need candidates to upload a file or answer a simple question, you have complete control over the fields of your Homerun application form.

structured answers

A messy inbox does not spark joy. Organized candidate profiles in Homerun do!

All your candidates are collected in an organized online portal so you can evaluate candidates with structure.

Branded experience

Stand out at every stage of the candidate’s journey

Every candidate touchpoint of your hiring process is branded – even the application form.

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