APplicant tracking

One clear overview for smooth collaborative hiring

No more wasting time updating spreadsheets and deciphering CVs. Keep track of all your jobs and candidates from one clear dashboard.

Candidate profile

Review candidates with your team, right from the candidate profile

Candidate profiles are an organized, safe place where your team can share feedback and rate applications in just one click.

Hiring pipeline

Visualize each step of the hiring process with customizable hiring stages

Visually shuffle candidates through each stage of your hiring process. In one glance you’ll know the status of each open job and candidate.

Emailing with candidates

Have meaningful interactions with candidates in Homerun

No more scattered email threads. Manage your communications from a shared inbox where your team can view all conversations in an organized thread for each candidate.

Interview scorecards

Bring structure to reviews and avoid bias with scorecards

Homerun scorecards allow you and your team to review candidates in a structured, in-depth and unbiased way.

Events & Interviews

Easily invite candidates to interviews synced with your calendar

In just a few clicks you can send a branded interview invitation including pre-filled event information. Homerun will keep you in the loop when candidates accept or decline invites.

Make hiring simple with Homerun

Hiring pipeline

Visually shuffle candidates through each stage of your hiring process.

Candidate profiles

Applications, emails and reviews are all organized in one profile.

Centralized email

Email straight from the app and view all conversations in an organized thread.

Hire as a team

A centralized place where your team can share feedback, review applications, fill in scorecards and check off to-dos.


Invite candidates and colleagues to interviews, synced with your calendar.

Ready-to-use templates

Speed up your candidate emails and interview invitations with customizable templates.

Hiring insights

Get insights into your recruitment efforts with a clear overview of your hiring metrics.


Combine your favorite tools to build a personal workflow.


Your data is safe with 2FA, encryption and more.

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