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The ultimate guide on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Diversity and inclusion are some of the most-hyped words in our industry. Everyone wants to be part of it — and many of you have asked us how.

So here you go — a guide with everything you need to know on becoming a diverse and inclusive team. We’ve read, listened and researched everything we could find on the topic, and put everything we’ve learned into this The Art of Work guide. Look no further — it’s time to kickstart your change.

Expect to find answers to questions like ‘what is diversity and inclusion’, ‘what does a diverse team mean’ and ‘when are you inclusive’? And if you have a hard time convincing your team on the importance of these matters, we’ve got you covered for that discussion too.

Just one more thing — remember that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts when it comes to real change. Becoming diverse and inclusive will cost you some time, but it’ll be worth every minute.

What you'll learn

Over the course of three chapters we’ll show you all you need to know to become more inclusive and diverse as a company:


Why is diversity and inclusion important for your company?

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Homerun's Guide to Diversity & Inclusion
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What is Diversity and Inclusion?

When we talk about diversity, we’re talking about becoming more diverse as a team. It’s about bringing different perspectives together — no matter if those differences come from religion, gender, hobbies or cultural background.

And without wanting to sound like Oprah, the sum of all these different perspectives is what makes you stronger as a company.

You’re inclusive as a company when everyone on your team feels that they can bring their whole self to work. When no one has to hide any part of their identity out of fear to get bullied for it. In an inclusive team you celebrate each other’s differences, instead of making fun of them.

To sum up diversity and inclusion, we’ll quote inclusion strategist Verna Meyers:

“Diversity is inviting everybody to the party, while inclusion is people feeling free to dance at that same party.”

And what’s a party where no one dances?
Yup, not a lot of fun.


Why is diversity and inclusion important for your company?

We all know that paying attention to these topics is just the right thing to do. But when it comes to prioritization, doing good will often lose from tasks with a financial incentive.

Here are some arguments that will show you, your team or your manager that spending time on diversity and inclusion will be the best investment they can make in the long run. Because before people change, they first want to know why.


How do you make diversity and inclusion actionable for your team?

Have you convinced everyone of the importance of diversity and inclusion? Awesome — now dive into this list of d&i initiatives, best practices and ideas to choose what would work best for your specific situation. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but don’t worry — if you follow these steps, you’ll do just fine.


First inclusion, then diversity

Almost all of the diversity and inclusion experts we’ve talked to agree; you need to become inclusive before starting to attract diverse talent.
Why? It’s simple — if you start hiring differently than you used to while your company culture stays the same, your new colleagues won’t stay because they won’t feel at home or like they belong at your company. 

If you want to do this right, make sure you start by becoming inclusive first — only later you invite others to join your party.

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