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10 best recruiting software for small businesses in 2023

Need help with hiring? Recruiting software is your friend! We'll show you the 10 best options for small businesses.

10 best recruiting software for small businesses in 2023
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Brook Fischer

Let’s be real. Hiring can be a pain in the you know what. That’s exactly why recruiting software was created.

If you’re here, it probably means you could use a hand, and we’re more than happy to give you one. ✋ We know a thing or two about the hiring space and we’re all about helping small businesses with big hearts make meaningful hires!

As you can imagine, there are tons of different recruiting software out there with a multitude of features. Think of them like fingerprints. At first glance they might look pretty similar, but each one is totally unique! And they should be, because every company has unique needs.

We’ve got a list of top-rated recruiting software for you to consider and compare. Below we’ll include all the information we think you’ll need to choose the one that’ll help you bring in your next hire(s). You ready?

The top recruiting software for small businesses in 2023

  1. Homerun
  2. BambooHR
  3. Workable
  4. Teamtailor
  5. Breezy
  6. JazzHR
  7. Freshteam
  8. Greenhouse
  9. Lever
  10. GoHire

What to look for in small business recruiting software

Small businesses typically don’t have dedicated recruiters or hiring managers in place to attract and hire top talent. That means you and your team members are taking care of the tasks associated with hiring alongside your regular work, which is, well…a lot of work!

According to a recent survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 49% of small businesses say it is hard to find candidates with the skills they need and 42% say it is hard to compete for talent with larger enterprises. Many companies are also struggling to maintain a clear overview of their hiring process – wading through messy shared inboxes and updating spreadsheets manually.

As a small business, you’ll want a recruiting software that is going to help you:

- organize your hiring process
- stand out to talent
- connect with qualified candidates
- collaborate seamlessly with your team
- create a positive candidate experience

If that sounds good to you, now would be a good time to take a gander at our list of 10 high-quality hiring tools and how they compare to one another.

Recruiting software for small businesses compared

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id="w-node-d352363a-0a80-3138-ea69-853e750cbf8b-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-d352363a-0a80-3138-ea69-853e750cbf8c-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_3a800c2b-b83b-a4d5-9239-fd68a2191777-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_3a800c2b-b83b-a4d5-9239-fd68a2191778-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_82923b1b-f0d8-9b2f-71fb-319bb4a022b5-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_82923b1b-f0d8-9b2f-71fb-319bb4a022b6-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-bed85303-0f31-c663-e7ac-c95ccf4617b7-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Workable</strong></div><div id="w-node-_8c011b8a-5d67-8b0c-3cc0-9bf274b7a15c-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_9e6ff7b3-bfbe-ff51-57fa-8a510f518235-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_3d79c08d-bb54-fc71-7e06-1efbc40012d0-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">€59/month</div><div id="w-node-f663f98d-5d0b-41bb-9491-1bf76ccd9cdb-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Teamtailor</strong></div><div id="w-node-_65caa4f5-91b3-d01a-7ebd-45d6ee6491e3-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Breezy</strong></div><div id="w-node-_66cd5f71-d3fe-823f-e07c-a29823400e8a-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_66cd5f71-d3fe-823f-e07c-a29823400e8b-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_5959591b-d8d8-fc1e-7b45-d15dcf3fcf89-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div 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loading="lazy" id="w-node-_6cc306ed-8a25-83ae-fdbf-609a33ca3277-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_7a8d372c-db90-db5f-e374-0d0ce06ac366-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>JazzHR</strong></div><div id="w-node-a243a3ab-3cf3-cbc6-5554-88d8f9367d92-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Freshteam</strong></div><div id="w-node-_0ecca850-45d2-1e47-5aec-42ac198b1300-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_0ecca850-45d2-1e47-5aec-42ac198b1301-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-c50ad7a4-cef9-9b89-cffd-9892d2708bd5-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Greenhouse</strong></div><div id="w-node-_874e185d-3dfa-078c-ea5c-1e7df76e1aa6-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_69e767a7-a2f4-d730-eb0f-058632617d59-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>Lever</strong></div><div id="w-node-ee4d8e3f-31ed-8f57-b6d0-002a04494dbe-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-ee4d8e3f-31ed-8f57-b6d0-002a04494dbf-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_5ef42bf5-c55e-97c5-ecac-5cacd9d9453a-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_5ef42bf5-c55e-97c5-ecac-5cacd9d9453b-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_4cc89de1-f627-d179-4580-63be0fbb21a8-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_4cc89de1-f627-d179-4580-63be0fbb21a9-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-b7cf1ddf-049f-867c-695a-6143f3d90db4-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-fc8f90a8-84d3-85e0-699d-71d13cdb2549-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">$129/month per job</div><div id="w-node-_4a82903e-e162-90ea-3b79-b95f6ec9521b-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_4a82903e-e162-90ea-3b79-b95f6ec9521c-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_79f9b603-de7e-b67d-4578-8e3c2608fc8c-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_8b661612-1cbd-92ba-41df-5b4971074cab-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_8b661612-1cbd-92ba-41df-5b4971074cac-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_82847eaa-90e6-a291-6892-c5ff23fb6dad-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_7200c766-6667-79c6-6624-13fbd64da3a4-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_7200c766-6667-79c6-6624-13fbd64da3a5-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_4bc38a04-788c-abdb-6d09-07510a5b4d7e-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem first"><strong>GoHire</strong></div><div id="w-node-_6b54fe08-77bb-ba41-5ac0-6fbe6715b197-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_6b54fe08-77bb-ba41-5ac0-6fbe6715b198-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-d97f7dcf-971b-5419-2997-9102f44dc356-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-d97f7dcf-971b-5419-2997-9102f44dc357-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-b86bee4e-63c9-93c5-60fa-19a5f0c4d06b-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-b86bee4e-63c9-93c5-60fa-19a5f0c4d06c-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_12a0b97b-64e1-0ac1-961a-b76a850dc3fa-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_12a0b97b-64e1-0ac1-961a-b76a850dc3fb-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_5dc3e976-23ed-29d7-91ca-3c7e306096d6-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_5dc3e976-23ed-29d7-91ca-3c7e306096d7-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_90233c16-d42e-2294-253e-5d37dc34e145-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-cc7628f9-bf5f-0146-26be-67ab2cb02974-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img 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id="w-node-_12989b38-d199-957d-751c-d9361687a0de-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_12989b38-d199-957d-751c-d9361687a0df-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-e128d5f5-0623-8dbc-8487-1711890c8e4a-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-e128d5f5-0623-8dbc-8487-1711890c8e4b-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_9833cb37-e666-67b6-ecbd-639c94392124-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_4998e810-53fd-4fc2-e383-f1ffeff270aa-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_4d5fb7aa-2b3a-fab1-92d0-f9da06f800a2-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" 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id="w-node-_9804e7db-0fcc-a112-a947-b43e41353084-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_09592d62-2ecf-b4aa-b27c-511c3b78713d-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-d3588df9-7dc9-5252-0e91-5619ba243b49-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Growth plan</div><div id="w-node-db44dc4b-4a0f-656d-f2ab-91d1754197c7-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">$157/month</div><div id="w-node-_7b6d9da4-b9a0-060c-593d-2db80a4adcba-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_4e442435-333d-9c1d-0639-0bb7ea17b8b8-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-a22623bc-407c-dcb3-a53c-fbb2114bdf80-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-a22623bc-407c-dcb3-a53c-fbb2114bdf81-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_19861995-4fa0-1485-ddc4-45d9cb80fa6c-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img 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alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_7935c939-e9fc-be8b-3915-86ef7bbff71f-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">€1,20/employee/month + €71 platform fee</div><div id="w-node-_21e1d33c-8189-fa95-6444-fcc857cbeb12-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Must request a demo first</div><div id="w-node-_50e87e20-fe3f-1b37-a877-a31d9940d53f-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Growth plan</div><div id="w-node-_0a862f82-4bee-1fdd-f3ea-dbfae411a41f-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">❌</div><div id="w-node-_24d91bf3-2ad7-a012-5386-24ef7a62fbf2-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Pro plan</div><div id="w-node-f446d54e-2752-a024-9262-af9488163087-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Must request a demo first</div><div id="w-node-ac6630e3-7643-cb63-0aed-96585f7e6a8a-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-ac6630e3-7643-cb63-0aed-96585f7e6a8b-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-e393827a-f798-3072-f83e-1241b4517a91-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">£58/month</div><div id="w-node-_90891cfe-3449-0f1d-d775-8e8cd79eee33-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_90891cfe-3449-0f1d-d775-8e8cd79eee34-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_6b637880-ea76-3de0-f9f9-c951cc5d13c9-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_6b637880-ea76-3de0-f9f9-c951cc5d13ca-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-c66369bc-d6b9-59e2-eb92-7cd93aad25b7-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-c66369bc-d6b9-59e2-eb92-7cd93aad25b8-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div 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id="w-node-a8f38cda-e635-a486-155d-18c6ee6b7a34-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_8c86fb31-0e20-3aef-25a1-47f3fcd11a42-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/6231e93d13856e400e404516_Checkmark.svg" loading="lazy" id="w-node-_8c86fb31-0e20-3aef-25a1-47f3fcd11a43-b01bc895" alt=""></div><div id="w-node-_029f26a5-ddf3-855a-2376-118701750951-b01bc895" class="inpage-table-rowitem">Growth plan</div></div></div>

This table was last updated on March 23, 2023

The 10 top hiring software solutions for small businesses

1. Homerun

Just because we put ourselves at the top of the list, it doesn’t mean we think we are the best recruiting software in the world. It means we truly believe we’re one of the very best for small businesses –  and our customers agree.

Homerun was built around three principles: we help you organize your hiring workflow, collaborate with your team and connect with candidates to make hiring easier, more meaningful and personal. Our software is designed for small businesses who want to attract the right talent and create a positive candidate experience, all while streamlining their entire hiring workflow. Because you’ve got to have time to work too, right?

If you don’t have much (or even any) hiring experience or you’re not especially tech savvy, that’s not a problem. Our intuitive tool makes it easy to:

  • keep everything related to the hiring process organized in one place
  • create beautiful job posts and a branded career page with our simple-to-use drag and drop editor
  • schedule interviews using email templates
  • store notes about candidates and share feedback with your team
  • set to-dos, reminders, roles and permissions
  • view candidates in a clear, Kanban-style overview with each hiring stage

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div><div class="wistia_responsive_padding" style="padding:59.38% 0 0 0;position:relative;"><div class="wistia_responsive_wrapper" style="height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;top:0;width:100%;"><div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_myer594yvf videoFoam=true" style="height:100%;position:relative;width:100%">&nbsp;</div></div></div></div>

Of course there are a bunch of other features to make your life easier, like automated confirmation emails, bulk actions and dedicated features that enable you to remain compliant with data privacy laws. Companies also appreciate our carefully-crafted, ready-to-use job post and job description templates, and our customizable application forms that allow you to add any job application questions you like. With these tools at your fingertips, you can start literally start hiring in minutes.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62ecd1630425f704fc4b65c2_Homerun%20job%20post%20templates.png" loading="lazy" alt="Homerun job post templates" class="browser-image"></div></div></div>

Even our sign-up process is super simple. For our 15-day free trial, you only need to input the most basic of information and there’s no credit card required.

Word on the street:

➕ On the software review site Capterra, a Customer Success Manager noted, “Homerun has a very keen eye for design. The user interface is easy to navigate and simple to understand. They make it very easy to create beautiful job posts without the help of a designer or developer.” Isabel Machielse of Dopper also praised our thoughtful features and ease-of-use.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62eccfe87d2cfba9e625a5b0_Dopper%20social%20proof.png" loading="lazy" alt="Dopper quote" class="browser-image"></div>

➖ A reviewer in IT and Services recently had this to say on G2: “We're looking to take our reporting to the next level and Homerun doesn't offer the visuals that we need. You will get some reporting but the information is raw and doesn't tell a story.” We hear you, G2 reviewer, and appreciate the feedback. Our Insights page currently gives a clear, digestible overview of the hiring metrics we feel are most important for smaller companies and teams. We’ve found that advanced metrics are most useful for pro recruiters and can be overwhelming for hiring managers at small businesses, which is why we decided to keep it simple.

☝️Homerun’s fingerprint: Built specifically for small businesses, with an easy-to-use interface, beautifully-designed job posts, helpful templates that’ll have you hiring in just a few clicks and friendly and dedicated Customer Support (we’ve got a 98.8% customer satisfaction rating on Intercom). If you want to start hiring immediately and create a positive and memorable candidate experience, then Homerun is the recruiting software for you.

Pricing: There’s a Free Plan (includes 1 job slot), a Light Plan (59€/month paid annually, includes 3 job slots), a Basic Plan (119€/month annually, includes 6 job slots) and a Plus Plan (199€/month annually, includes 10 job slots with the ability to add more). There is an option to pay monthly as well.

<div data-wf-id="[&quot;db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285eec&quot;]" data-w-id="db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285eec" class="banner-container color-bg-gold"><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/58d684124f3644b01d649b26/611e5c54aba88f50fff715d1_cover-organize-big.png" loading="lazy" data-wf-id="[&quot;db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285efd&quot;]" data-w-id="db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285efd" alt="" class="banner-image"><div data-wf-id="[&quot;db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285eef&quot;]" data-w-id="db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285eef" class="inpage-banner-text-container"><div data-wf-id="[&quot;994d99b7-78c6-9f23-cff2-55b1a8d12050&quot;]" data-w-id="994d99b7-78c6-9f23-cff2-55b1a8d12050" data-w-text-holder="true" class="inpage-banner-title w-rte-editable">Hiring made easy for small businesses</div><p data-wf-id="[&quot;db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285ef5&quot;]" data-w-id="db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285ef5" data-w-text-holder="true" class="inpage-banner-text w-rte-editable">No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets and other apps. Homerun brings everything together in one place.<br></p><a target="_blank" href="https://app.homerun.co/register" data-wf-id="[&quot;db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285ef9&quot;]" data-w-id="db9e4d4e-7206-46f1-79bc-f18a9d285ef9" data-w-text-holder="true" class="btn-primary color-black w-rte-editable w-button">Start free trial</a></div></div>

2. BambooHR

For small to midsize businesses, BambooHR combines multiple systems into one HR platform. We view this as more of an HR tool with hiring features, but if you need a mix of both, this one might be good for you!

With BambooHR, you can:

  • track and hire job applicants
  • view advanced reporting on candidates and employees and access HR management tools
  • onboard and offboard employees
  • track employee time and PTO

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62ecd6547cbc6ceab4082c8a_BambooHR%20onboarding.png" loading="lazy" alt="Bamboo HR onboarding" class="browser-image"></div>

In terms of hiring, BambooHR allows you to create simple and clean job posts, organize applicant information and automate several processes for simplified workflows. You can view centralized candidate data on both desktop and mobile, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62ecd66b1e40ca47bc09fdc4_BambooHR%20interface.png" loading="lazy" alt="Bamboo HR dashboard" class="browser-image"></div>

If you see your company growing quickly and also need HR tools, then Bamboo could be a helpful tool for you.

Word on the street:

➕ A People Operations Manager on Capterra shared, "I love the onboarding and self-service portal. It is very impressive as a new hire to be able to see the birthdays, anniversaries and days off of the team."

➖ You need to determine if the current setup will work for your business. On GetApp, a reviewer in Legal Services noted, ”It requires that you assign each employee to directly report to someone else, which doesn't always make sense in a company structured like ours.”

☝️BambooHR’s fingerprint: They have an ATS app for iOS and Android so you can post jobs on the go and review candidates as soon as they submit an application. Collaborators can see resumes, view responses to candidate questions and provide ratings and feedback from anywhere.

Pricing: There is a free 7-day trial which gives you access to some key features. BambooHR has two separate plans (Essentials and Advantage) and a suite of add-on options, but you must contact them for a quote.

3. Workable

Workable is a software solution that gives you access to hundreds of job boards, eSignature and offer letters, branded career pages, AI-powered sourcing capabilities, third-party integrations, reports and self-scheduling. There’s a LOT to learn and consider here, so you can request a guided tour with a product specialist.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62f64697f7d034df1c97bfa8_Workable%20dashboard.png" loading="lazy" alt="Workable dashboard" class="browser-image"></div>

Made for companies with anywhere from 1 to 1000+ employees, some of Workable’s most notable features include:

  • AI Recruiter, which runs a search of the best passive and existing candidates and provides a list of the top 50 instantly.
  • People Search, a full Boolean search of 400+ professionals and a Chrome extension built into the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Workable Referrals, with optional rewards for each job.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62f646c65f849a428b37968d_Workable%20employee%20referrals.png" loading="lazy" alt="Workable employee referrals" class="browser-image"></div>

Word on the street:

➕ A reviewer on GetApp appreciates the variety of features, sharing, “It has a great analytics dashboard, a user-friendly mobile app, and a fantastic People Function that allows you to source passive candidates directly from the ATS, which might be very handy, especially for teams that don't have a LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter license.”

➖ Only Super Admins in your Workable account can add and edit communication templates, and it appears that information on candidates is not seamlessly accessed by everyone in the company. A reviewer on TrustRadius explains, “Each user that does hiring has a specific log in where they are able to view candidates for the job listing that they posted. So in my particular department, I can view one job listing, and my coworker can view a different if we are each hiring.”

☝️Workable’s fingerprint: They offer candidate surveys and EEO/OFCCP reporting, depending on your plan. (Note: Equal Employment Opportunity settings apply to jobs within the U.S. only. 🇺🇸 They focus on ethnicity and gender, while Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs deal with federally-approved questions about Veteran status and disability.) If your company is obligated to collect and report EEO/OFCCP data to the U.S. government, then these features will come in handy for you!

Pricing: Workable is one of the pricier options for small businesses. They have a 15-day free trial, a Standard plan for $3,348 a year or a Premier plan for $6,708. You do have the option pay monthly or you can choose to pay $129/month per job. Other optional tools: video interviews (starting at $159/month), texting (starting at $99/month) and assessments (starting at $119/month).

4. Teamtailor

Teamtailor has dubbed themselves “the applicant tracking system made for all types of companies.” That means they’re aiming to please businesses from small to enterprise-level and the candidates that come into their hiring pipeline. Their recruiting software focuses on:

  • employer branding through customized career sites
  • growing your talent pool
  • working as a team to manage hiring processes

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62ecdf539bf1ff4ec73efda4_TeamTailor%20candidate%20card.png" loading="lazy" alt="Teamtailor candidate card" class="browser-image"></div>

Teamtailor provides:

  • automated triggers
  • a customized recruiting funnel
  • easy-to-build career sites
  • bulk actions
  • search and filters

Their helpful analytics dashboard helps you make data-driven decisions, understand where your applicants are coming from and identify bottlenecks in your recruitment processes.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62f6478e82290244ad2e699d_Teamtailor%20analytics%20dashboard.png" loading="lazy" alt="Teamtailor analytics dashboard" class="browser-image"></div>

If you’re a small startup that’s aiming to one day be enterprise level, Teamtailor could be the tool you want to grow with.

Word on the street:

➕ On GetApp, an HR Manager reflected, “The candidate storage is great, and easy to maneuver when you need to find that candidate from six months ago (what-was-his-name?). Incredible to make sure no candidate is left unanswered and completely in regulation with GDPR. One less thing to worry about.”

➖ A Researcher from one small business said in her review on G2, “The survey tools are less flexible than we would like, i.e. we didn't find a way to include an open-ended question.”

☝️Teamtailor’s fingerprint: They offer a range of social media integrations for a fee. For example, they will analyze your paid job ad and target the relevant audience on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, expanding your talent pool.

Pricing: They have a free trial which is easy enough to sign up for but you'll have to contact them for pricing and plans.

5. Breezy

Breezy (formerly called BreezyHR) offers a variety of recruiting features like branded career sites, access to over 50 job boards, automation, background screening integrations, resume parsing and self-scheduling interviews. You can make a career page using their software or use a widget to embed a branded list of open jobs on your existing career page.

Breezy’s interface allows for seamless communication with applicants and team members.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62ece003db9cb371038724b7_Breezy%20interface.png" loading="lazy" alt="Breezy interface" class="browser-image"></div>

You may end up hiring more diverse staff as well, as Breezy has integrations with many Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)-focused job sites.

Breezy offers:

  • comprehensive candidate profiles, helping you assess, contact and interview candidates
  • automated workflows allowing users to send messages, questionnaires, assessments and more
  • easy integration with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to record new hires in your HR system (Business plan only)
  • custom offer templates, built-in eSignatures and background screening services

Word on the street:

➕ A Game Programmer on Capterra recently shared about Breezy, “It helps us keep track of every prospect, regardless of whether or not they're a good fit. When managing new employees and keeping track of all meetings, interviews, and other stages required is a problem, you might want to give this a shot.”

➖ Scheduling needs some updates. According to one hiring manager on G2, “They only allow me to block time by the hour each day. So if I am available to interview a candidate on Monday from 9-11 a.m., 1-2 p.m. and later in the day at 5-6 p.m., I cannot do that. It has to be set hours in a row for all the days. Hiring managers do not have the type of availability. Their availability varies by time and day. I have had to purchase a Calendly account for all hiring managers to be able to sync their calendar availability and set their custom availability hours.”

☝️Breezy’s fingerprint: They have a handy Candidate Sourcing Extension for single-click sourcing from LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, Xing and more.

Pricing: Breezy offers a free 14-day trial. From there, you can explore the following plans: Bootstrap is a basic free version with one job slot, the Startup plan is $157/month billed annually, Growth is $273/month billed annually and Business is $439/month billed annually. All paid plans include unlimited positions. (Note: The least expensive plan doesn’t include features such as customizable scorecards, multiple recruiting pipelines, employee referrals, eSignatures or nurture campaigns.)

6. JazzHR

Hey look! It’s another recruiting software with HR in the name! You know what that means. In addition to some typical ATS features, you can also digitize the offer management process and automate new hire onboarding.

Jazz HR is on a mission to streamline the entire recruiting process from start to finish. You can make a customized career page and use branded message templates and email sync to communicate with candidates.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62f648ba44a9e545b0e51010_JazzHR%20email%20communication.png" loading="lazy" alt="JazzHR email communication" class="browser-image"></div>

With JazzHR you have access to:

  • candidate sourcing
  • applicant tracking
  • collaborative hiring
  • offers and eSignatures
  • assessments
  • reporting

Word on the street:

➕ A Director of HR for a small non-profit organization had this to say about JazzHR on TrustRadius: ”It's a very big help to have all the documents and notes about each candidate from every stage in one place that's secure and shareable. And the initial screening step is invaluable to let us focus on follow up with truly quality candidates.”

➖ You need to set aside some time to learn how to use everything. An Operations Bookkeeper on G2 put it this way: “There is a definite learning curve when it comes to using JazzHR, but once you get used to it, it's very user-friendly.”

☝️JazzHR’s fingerprint: They include Knockout Questions, which automatically disqualify candidates based on certain responses on their applications. (Available within the Plus and Pro plans.)

Pricing: JazzHR features a 21-day free trial. The Hero plan includes three job slots and is $49/month for small teams and $99/month for staffing companies if you pay in advance annually. The Pro plan is $239/month paid annually and includes unlimited job slots, enhanced ATS, interviews and assessments. The Plus plan is $359/month paid annually and includes offers, eSignatures, reporting and compliance.

7. Freshteam

Freshteam automates processes to help you cultivate a top talent pool and onboard new team members faster. The main idea, in their words, is to use their software to “reduce mundane HR workload and focus on what matters.” They claim that HR teams that use Freshteam save 50% in recruiting costs and reduce 75% of HR workload.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/6311e0239495e839178aac99_Freshteam%20talent%20pool.png" loading="lazy" alt="Freshteam talent pool" class="browser-image"></div>

These are some of the most valued Freshteam features used by small and mid-size businesses as well as large enterprises:

  • self-service portal
  • alerts/notifications
  • employee database
  • employee management
  • reporting/analytics

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62eceb293710d40a05fcc9e9_Freshteam%20analytics.png" loading="lazy" alt="Freshteam analytics" class="browser-image"></div>

Word on the street:

➕ A GetApp reviewer working in Technology shared, “The best thing is it has a very powerful tracking and reporting system. I can generate all my reports on a single click. It’s based on SAAS, hence I can use it anywhere and everywhere. It has a mobile app as well for fast and quick checks.”

➖ Overall, the software is affordable but there are some hidden fees. A reviewer on Capterra shared, “The documents features such as right to work ID is behind a paywall which can be pricey for a start-up like us. Overall the pricing is high for small start-ups like us.”

☝️Freshteam’s fingerprint: The HR software includes personal time off tracking and time off reports for teams that give a view into upcoming leaves, absenteeism trends and more.

Pricing: There is a free 21-day trial. The Free Forever plan includes up to three job postings and a basic career site. The Growth plan is 1,20€/employee/month + a 71€/month platform fee (all paid in one go annually) and includes 20 job postings and a customizable career site. The Pro plan is 2,40€/employee/month + a 119€/month platform fee paid annually.

8. Greenhouse

Greenhouse has designed recruiting and onboarding products and solutions for companies hiring 1 or 100 employees at a time. Their goal is to help you build “a sophisticated hiring organization” while tracking, measuring and improving your processes.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62f64987f7d03436ad9cba39_Greenhouse%20data.png" loading="lazy" alt="Greenhouse analytics" class="browser-image"></div>

Their Essential plan includes:

  • applicant tracking
  • structured hiring
  • team collaboration
  • automated task management
  • multi-channel sourcing
  • core reports

Word on the street:

➕ A reviewer on Software Advice shared, “Overall Greenhouse is a great piece of software and real kudos for their engineering and design team. It has more than 200+ integrations which is incomparable to any other ATS system. It has an option to invite third parties to participate in recruitment processes (e.g. recruitment agency or RPO agency) which is great in today’s world.”

➖ On G2, a Senior Manager in Talent Acquisition recently noted, “While Greenhouse collects a TON of data, it's hard to do anything useful with it unless you are a trained data analyst; because you have to develop all your visualizations to interpret anything outside of the offer details report.” Another reviewer warned about the data, “When pulling reports in Greenhouse, it can look very messy depending on how you set up your interviewing stages. If you want a clean report, then it is best to set up your interview stages consistently across the organization.”

☝️Greenhouse’s fingerprint: Their dedication to diversity and inclusion in hiring. Their DE&I solutions are built in to address unconscious bias and promote inclusion throughout the hiring process. For example, candidates can pre-record the correct pronunciation of their name and indicate their personal pronouns so the team can get it right and candidates feel seen and acknowledged.

Pricing: There are three plans — Essential, Advanced and Expert – that include different features for small, midsize and Enterprise-level businesses. You must request a demo to learn about pricing. From what we've heard, you pay dearly (between $6-$25K annually) for those features and 200+ integrations. 

9. Lever

Lever combines ATS and CRM functionality in a single platform so employers at companies of all sizes and needs can source, nurture and manage candidates in one place. The ATS + CRM combo results in a strong Talent Acquisition Software, also known as a TRM (Talent Relationship Management) platform.

Too many acronyms for you? Then maybe it’s better to focus on the fact that Lever has received some noteworthy awards, including RemoteTech’s Breakthrough Award for Recruiting Solution of the Year.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/6311db40da9029ceae0a0f3f_Lever%20dashboard.png" loading="lazy" alt="Lever dashboard" class="browser-image"></div>

Some notable Lever features include:

  • resume parsing
  • candidate search
  • user permissions
  • metrics tracking
  • DE&I solutions
  • advanced automation and HR (add-ons)

Word on the street:

➕ Lever is especially helpful if you need to do a lot of hiring. An Operations Associate at a nonprofit said on TrustRadius, “It is a huge time saver when trying to fill multiple openings at an organization where employees are always coming and going. If you have a lot of interns, temporary staff, and/or contractors then Lever might be right for you.”

➖ A People and Capability Development Lead for a small business revealed on G2, ”Some features are very 'North American' specific and don't cater to international privacy laws, which does add some time or doesn't allow for some features to integrate in a way we would need them to. Also not being able to customize your dashboard can take a little more time to get used to a new way of working. You also can't select a default currency during the offer process - which is a minor thing but frustrating all the same.”

☝️Lever’s fingerprint: The scheduling feature is top-notch. One Administrator from a small biotech company explored a few different recruiting software and learned, “The interview scheduling feature was the best out of all the vendors we evaluated, and would be a game-changer for any organization that struggles with keeping up with scheduling tasks.”

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62eced0d318c0b9461b4bf3e_Lever%20scheduling.png" loading="lazy" alt="Lever scheduling tool" class="browser-image"></div>

Pricing: Wah, wah. This is another "must request a demo" situation. We know that Lever's pricing system is based on cost per employee plus an implementation fee, but you’ll have to contact them for details.

10. GoHire

GoHire’s platform enables you to take control of your hiring pipeline – helping you create career pages and job posts, connect with candidates and schedule interviews.

<div class="browser-container"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div>
<img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/62eced849099b4413cdbe62d_GoHire%20interface.png" loading="lazy" alt="GoHire interface" class="browser-image"></div>

The candidate CRM allows you to organize, filter and search for candidates within the dashboard and also stores information like their answers to questionnaires.

With GoHire, you’ve got:

  • interview scheduling
  • resume parsing
  • user permission settings
  • templates
  • online knowledge base
  • mobile-friendly application forms

Word on the street:

➕ A Creative Director at a small design agency shared on Capterra, “We've not had the best experience with recruitment agencies. We've had a number of employees who have failed to live up to the expectations set out by recruiters and as such have been costly to our business. GoHire allows us to take power back and to recruit in a way that suits us….Overall, just a great way to streamline your recruitment efforts.”

➖ The job description templates are all in British English, which may not make sense for every company. The CEO of a small American marketing firm pointed out: “An ability to have U.S. English as an option for the job descriptions would be nice.” He admits, “There are enough differences that are small enough that they are easy to look past when you are trying to get a job up quickly and utilize their job descriptions,” but if you want the words to reflect you and your brand, you’ll need to do the edits yourself.

☝️GoHire’s fingerprint: Their integration of social media and job boards. You have the ability to post to multiple job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in one click for maximum reach and effect.

Pricing: There is a free 14-day trial. The Starter package costs £58/month billed annually for three active job posts, the Growth plan (£83/month billed annually) includes 10 job posts and features like bulk actions, and the Pro plan unlocks unlimited postings at £165/month billed annually.

Choose the best recruiting software for your hiring process

It’s the moment of truth! You’ve been shown 10 fabulous recruiting software, all with unique features and price points. We hope the information and comparisons have given you an idea of what’s possible in hiring, and that you’re excited about the process! (Trust us, it can be fun.)

This is usually the part of an article where you hear the hard sales pitch and conveniently learn that our software is actually the best recruiting software, but we’re not here to do that. Sure, we’re a small business with a beautifully-designed, simple-to-use hiring tool made specifically for small businesses, but we honestly want you to find the tool that’s going to work best for YOU.

If that’s us, then we’re elated 🎉 and we’ll continue to do our best to delight our customers and their candidates. And if it’s not us, then we hope you’ve learned some useful things and that we’ve pointed you in the right direction.

We believe small businesses are some of the most interesting and meaningful places to work. What they lack in size, they make up for in creativity, purpose and character. You’ve gotten this far on your hard work and decisions, so when it comes to recruiting software, we’re sure you’ll choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your team. 😉 Happy hiring!

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Recruiting software for small businesses FAQs

1. What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software is designed to help companies source, screen, shortlist, communicate with and hire talent with an all-in-one system. Recruiting software for small businesses are typically cloud-based and are used to improve efficiency, communication and collaboration within the team and reduce time spent on manual recruitment tasks. An ideal software will help you organize your hiring process, streamline HR workflows, create a positive candidate experience and hire top talent in less time.

2. What is the best recruiting software for small businesses?

The best recruiting software is the one that is going to help you nurture and recruit talent seamlessly while meeting your small business’ unique needs. Homerun offers a beautifully-designed, easy-to-use hiring platform packed with thoughtful features that help small businesses simplify hiring, stand out to talent and create a positive candidate experience. Try Homerun for free.

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