Hiring process

12 recruitment tools to elevate your hiring process

Explore our lineup of the top 12 hiring tools that can help small and medium-sized teams save time, money and headaches during the hiring process.

12 recruitment tools to elevate your hiring process
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In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, hunting down the right candidate can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack — especially for smaller businesses juggling multiple priorities. It almost goes without say but we'll say it anyway: the hiring process can be a real headache.

That's where nifty recruitment tools come in handy. Whether you're diving into full-time hiring or balancing it with your main gig, these tools are absolute lifesavers. From wrangling a mountain of CVs to boosting the candidate experience, they're your secret weapons for overcoming those pesky recruitment challenges. 🚀

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What are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools (or hiring tools) are digital tools or software that simplify hiring tasks and support hiring teams of all company sizes every step of the way. They can help you check off a variety of to-dos on your list like organizing candidates through the hiring pipeline, automating job postings, managing candidate communication, arranging skills assessments, hosting video interviews and creating job posts or career pages.

All in all, recruitment tools help you hire more smoothly, easily and quickly while contributing to a fantastic candidate experience.

Types of hiring tools for employers in small to medium-sized businesses 🛠️

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) - organize your entire recruitment process from start to finish
  • Job post and career page builders - software to help you create beautiful, engaging and informative pages
  • Chatbots - chatbots help provide responses to common applicant questions
  • Candidate experience and engagement tools - tools that aim to improve and elevate the candidate experience
  • Video interview software - software to conduct smooth remote video interviews
  • Interview scheduling software - digital tools to create a seamless interview scheduling experience
  • Job board posting tools - automatically post your open roles to high-traffic online job boards
  • Data and analytics insights - get the insights you need on how successful your hiring process is or how it can be improved
  • Background check tools - double check the background your top candidates (when applicable to the job role)
  • Pre-made assessments - evaluate a candidate's skills, proficiency and knowledge before you make the job offer
  • Onboarding software - level-up the onboarding process for your new hires with the right software

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff — the hiring tools! 💪

Disclaimer: Recruitment tool prices are subject to change after this article is published.

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1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) - Homerun

So we are totally biased, but we really do believe Homerun is the best choice ATS for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their hiring with a recruitment tool. Homerun gives you a crystal clear overview of where you’re at with your hiring, allowing your whole team to join in on the process. You don’t need any training or onboarding to get started — nor do you need any tech expertise or a massive recruitment budget.

Homerun's candidate pipeline overview

Tamara Takács, Junior Recruiter @ Tiquets 📣

“What is Homerun for me? It’s my best buddy who helps me hire amazing people in an easy and stress-free way. It reminds me when to reply to candidates if I forget because of the other 241,265 things I’m working on. Hiring was never easier than with Homerun.”

The candidate profile in Homerun

Top Homerun ATS recruiting features:

  • Job post and career page builder (no code required) to perfectly match your brand
  • Schedule interviews with candidates
  • Create customizable online job application forms
  • Store notes about candidates and share feedback with your hiring team
  • Set hiring to-dos, reminders, roles and hiring team permissions
  • View candidates at every stage of the process in a hiring pipeline overview

Pricing breakdown: Choose from a Light Plan (69€/month paid annually), a Basic Plan (129€/month annually) and a Plus Plan (199€/month annually). There is an option to pay monthly as well and you can always try out Homerun for free first with our 15-day trial.

2. AI-powered employment assessments - HiPeople

We’re big fans of HiPeople’s AI-powered assessment and reference check software for good reason. ChatGPT hiring techniques are all the rage right now and HiPeople is the perfect example of how hiring and recruitment teams can use AI for good in their hiring process — particularly when it comes to ensuring bias-free hiring. HiPeople lets hiring teams of any size find the right candidates with role-specific assessments. Invite your candidates to participate, analyze the results and integrate your ATS to align all your information.

What we especially love about HiPeople is their Assessment Library — a collection of comprehensive pre-built assessments from logical thinking assessments to ethical competence.

HiPeople recruitment tool interface


Top HiPeople recruiting features:

  • Systematically compare candidates on the same data points
  • Create role-specific assessments
  • Invite candidates to complete an assessment via a link, email, or ATS automation
  • Get assessment results to make better hiring decisions

Pricing breakdown: HiPeople has a Free plan allowing you to assess up to 5 candidates per year. If you’re looking for more, you can try out their Grow plan ($20/month, 100 candidates per year), Advance plan ($83/month, 500 candidates per year), Scale plan ($250/year, 1,500 candidates per year). You can also get a Business plan, with the price and features customized for your team.

📣 Looking for hiring-specific tools? Check out our list of recruitment software for small businesses

3. Game-based pre-screening assessments — Equalture

Equalture’s recruitment tool is all about the gamification of the assessment process for your candidates. Not too shabby, right? They’ve taken a modern and fun approach to “revealing true potential” in your candidates by doing away with the ultra-traditional multiple-choice assessment questions. The best part about Equalture’s assessment tool is that it works to break down the bias because it’s reliant on data and not self-reporting.

Equalture's recruitment tool

🔥 Pro Tip: Equalture’s integration with Homerun (on the Light, Basic or Plus plans) lets you easily connect and view a candidate’s Equalture assessment results straight from the ATS.

4. Social media management — Buffer

For busy hiring teams or individuals tasked with hiring, Buffer is a great recruitment tool to use to ramp up your social media marketing efforts. Use Buffer to schedule social media posts for various channels and advertise your job openings with ease. With a generous Free plan, it also means you don’t have to break the bank on getting your social media posts in order.

HiPeople recruitment tool interface


Top Buffer recruiting features:

  • Schedule and publish job posts that highlight your employer brand in minutes
  • Analyze your social media performance
  • Engage with your audience (potential candidates) quickly
  • Use the AI assistant to generate post ideas

Pricing breakdown: The Free plan lets you connect up to 3 channels and schedule up to 30 posts, making it a great choice for small and growing teams. There’s also the Essentials plan ($6/mo per channel), Team ($12/mo per channel), and Agency ($120/mo for 10 channels). You can try out Buffer for free for 14 days before you commit.

5. Chatbots for recruiters and hiring managers — Intercom

Intercom isn’t just a chatbot of course, but it does make for a useful recruiting tool for employers looking to add a personal touch to their hiring process. On a typical sales-focused website, Intercom visitors would be invited to chat live via a popup.

If we apply this to recruitment, visitors — AKA your candidates — can ask questions about an open role right from your job post or career page. This can be a lovely opportunity to make a connection with candidates and stand out from your competitors in the hiring space.

Intercom chat bot setting up a meeting


Top Intercom hiring features:

  • On-brand and customizable messaging right from your website
  • Engage potential candidates at the right time
  • Provide on-the-spot assistance during the application process
  • Collect candidate feedback

Pricing breakdown: Starter plans start at $74/month. Next up you can try a Pro or Premium plan, both with custom pricing. If you’re still uncertain, you can always start a free trial to take it for a test drive.

6. Video interviews — Whereby

You can always use Google Meets or Zoom when conducting job interviews, and those tools might work perfectly for your needs! But if you want to up your game and create a smoother experience for your candidates, you’ll want to check out Whereby.

Whereby’s video interview tool was created for collaborative teams who want to feel like they’re working from the same room on video calls. No need to download any software or apps, or guide candidates through using a new tool — Whereby’s got your candidate experience covered.


Top Whereby recruitment features:

  • Browser-based video interview software so no need to ask candidates to download any software
  • Reduce background sounds with noise reduction
  • Customize your meeting room to match your company brand
  • Virtual whiteboard for candidate collaboration during assignments or tasks

Pricing breakdown: Use Whereby for free and get unlimited one-to-one meetings, ideal for hiring managers. For more breakout rooms, you can get the Pro plan for $6.99 USD/month or the Business plan for $9.99 per month per host.

7. Video job applications — myInterview

We love a good job application form just as much as the next guy but a video application could be something for your team to explore. myInterview allows you to accept application videos from candidates in lieu of a CV or an ‘about me’ portion of an online job application.

We recommend proceeding with caution though as this type of interview experience is not for everyone (think: neurodiverse candidates and any candidate who just might not be comfortable being on camera). It’s good to note that a video application doesn’t always make for the most fair hiring process, particularly for removing unconscious biases for diverse candidates.

myInterview recruitment tool interface with videos of shortlisted candidates

Top myInterview features:

  • Review and shortlist candidate submissions as a team so you can easily collaborate internally
  • Integrate your website and ATS
  • Share team member videos with candidates to help them get to know the company culture and feel confident in their decision to apply

Pricing breakdown: Plans can be charged monthly or annually. Get started with the free Starter plan, or an Individual plan for $129/month. For more employees, you can get in touch with the myInterview team to get a custom Professional plan.

8. Asynchronous team collaboration - Miro

If you’re thinking Miro would be perfect for a remote candidate interview, you’re not wrong. But perhaps our favorite way to use this recruiting tool is for collaborative hiring.

Here’s how it works: once you’ve gone through the entire recruitment process with your team, you’ll need to regroup and recap how it all went – and that’s where Miro comes in. Did your job posting capture the right attention? Was the application process smooth for candidates? Were you able to efficiently screen candidates? And how did the interviews go? Use Miro’s inclusive retrospective software to dig into all the details.

Miro's retrospective interface to be used for hiring


Top Miro features:

  • Brainstorm with your hiring team on digital whiteboards in real-time or async
  • Integrate with other apps you may already use like Jira, Trello, Zoom, Slack, and more

Pricing breakdown: Free limited plan for $0 or try out the Business plan for $16 per member per month. Enterprise options are also available.

9. Job advertising and distribution platform — VONQ

VONQ is a recruitment marketing platform that improves the visibility of your job listings. (Sounds good already!) It uses technology and deep expertise, including data-driven channel suggestions, to draw in a diverse pool of both passive and active candidates, transforming them into potential applicants for your open roles.

What’s especially great about VONQ is if you’re using Homerun to organize your hiring, you can use the VONQ integration to combine it all together.

VONQ recruitment job vacancies interface


Top VONQ features:

  • Integrate seamlessly with your ATS
  • Post to thousands of job boards and get your job advertised to a wide audience
  • Tailor your campaigns to specific demographics, industries, or geographic regions
  • Get insights into your hiring success with data and analytics features

Pricing breakdown: Fill in a form on the VONQ website to get a price quote.

10. Survey maker for candidate experience — Typeform

It’s often difficult to understand what your candidates actually think of your hiring process and their experience with your business from an applicant’s perspective unless you actually ask them. Typeform’s survey maker tool is a perfect way to incorporate a recruitment tool into your process while acquiring solid and sound feedback from candidates.

Email your candidates a candidate experience survey (totally customizable!) a couple of weeks after your last touchpoint with them — this could be after they’ve been either hired or rejected (we’ve got recruitment email templates to give you a hand with the tricky wording).

Tyepform candidate experience survey, introduction question


Top features:

  • Launch your Typeform straight from an email
  • Easy analytics and a results dashboard
  • Save time by integrating with your favorite apps

Pricing breakdown: You can try out Typeform’s Free plan, but if you want to send out an unlimited number of Typeforms (surveys), you can get the Basic plan with one user per account for $29, billed monthly, or $290, billed yearly. If you’re based outside of the U.S., prices are £25 monthly/£250 yearly, or €25 monthly/€250 yearly.

11. Social media platform and job aggregator — LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn has established itself as the go-to recruitment tool for a lot of reasons: it’s where most talent begin their job search, it’s where recruiters do their talent acquisition and where companies promote their culture and share job posts. So, it’s no wonder that it would show up on our list! LinkedIn Talent Solutions is the full-package and an exceptionally useful tool for small to medium-sized businesses to get their name out there (and their open jobs).

LinkedIn Talent Solutions snapshot of the user interface

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Top features:

  • Real-time data to help you hire and target the right people
  • Spotlight your job openings with LinkedIn’s career pages
  • Post and promote your open jobs on LinkedIn

Pricing breakdown: Contact LinkedIn’s Sales team for pricing information.

12. Human resources tool — HoorayHR

Recruitment wouldn’t be complete without HR. We especially love HoorayHR’s Human Resources management tool as it helps you round out your recruitment process with onboarding features. Once you’ve hired the right candidate for your team, it’s time to get them onboarded. HoorayHR lets you organize all of your HR tasks in one place, making onboarding your newest teammate easy and quick.

Example of how to onboard employees in HoorayHR


Top features:

  • Online personnel files
  • Contract and document management
  • HR analytics

Pricing breakdown: Start a free trial of HoorayHR for 14 days. After that, it’s €5.00 per user per month.

What are the benefits of using tools in your recruitment process?

Recruitment tools (and virtual hiring tools) bring some serious perks when you're on the hunt for new team members, making the whole process smoother and better in many ways:

  • Hiring efficiency and time savings – These tools are like your hiring assistant. They post job listings, speedily sift through resumes and take care of those repetitive HR chores.
  • Enhanced candidate experience – By facilitating a seamless application and onboarding process, these tools leave job applicants with a more favorable impression of your company and your team.
  • Scalability – Hiring tools help you more easily adapt to your ever-changing hiring needs, whether that means hiring for one role or 10. They turn manual, tedious tasks into just a few clicks worth of work.
  • Competitive advantage – An efficient, transparent and pleasant hiring journey helps you secure top talent ahead of your competitors, giving a boost to your employer brand. When you can hire more efficiently, you’re also more likely to capture the job seekers you want before the competition.
  • Hiring team collaboration – Recruitment tools can make your hiring team of any size feel like collaboration wizards. They make collaborative hiring a breeze by allowing you to more easily stay on the same page and streamlining a variety of tasks.
  • Data-driven decision-making – Analytics offers insights into the recruitment process, helping hiring teams identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement throughout the hiring process.

Incorporating these tools into the hiring process saves time and resources while enabling better decision-making and long-term team success for hiring managers and recruiters alike.

Who benefits the most from recruitment tools?

Despite what you might assume about recruitment tools, they’re not just intended for professional recruiters at big-time enterprise organizations with fully-fledged talent acquisition teams. These tools are made for YOU and people in other roles such as:

  • In-house recruiters
  • Freelance recruiters
  • Agency recruiters
  • Hiring managers
  • CEOs and co-founders
  • People operations professionals
  • Human resources professionals

Basically, recruitment tools are built and meant for anyone responsible for getting a new team member on board (which is no easy feat!). No matter the team size, budget, or business size, any company can benefit from recruitment tools; they make hiring more fair, manageable, and enjoyable — for everyone involved. 🤝

Looking for ashiny, new recruitment tool?

Use Homerun to stand out to talent and streamline your hiring process in one easy-to-use ATS.

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*This article was last updated in September 2023

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