Maximize your job ad exposure and reach the right candidates by integrating with VONQ, a leading recruitment marketing platform.


VONQ is a recruitment marketing platform that specializes in maximizing the exposure of your job postings. With its innovative technology and expertise (including data-driven channel recommendations), VONQ helps you attract a wide range of passive and active candidates and turn them into applicants.

How it works

By utilizing an XML feed link generated from your Homerun account, your job posts are automatically pushed to your VONQ dashboard, enabling you to effortlessly run campaigns across a wide range of job boards, social media channels and niche websites. Use VONQs targeting capabilities to help tailor your campaigns to specific demographics, industries or geographic regions, reaching the candidates who are the best fit for your job openings. Gain insights into views, clicks and applications generated from each channel, allowing you to fine-tune your hiring strategies for optimal results.

Helpful links

To learn more about the Homerun x VONQ integration, visit our Help Center article and this blog update.