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Meet High Air, a non existing company brought to life so you can discover what Homerun is all about. Visit a career page, apply to a job, make changes to a job post with the Live Editor or view and rate applicants.

1. View an example career page

Step into your candidate's shoes and visit the career page, job posts and see what it's like to apply.

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2. Create beautiful job posts

Add job blocks, change content or create a new job post in our easy to use Live Editor.

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3. Customise the application form

Offer an on-brand candidate experience by customising fonts, colors and wallpaper.

View demo apply form

4. A simple hiring dashboard

Discover a single dashboard that streamlines your hiring process.

View demo dashboard

5. Your candidate pipeline

Easily view and change which applicant is in which stage by simply dragging and dropping.

View demo pipeline

6. View and rate applications

Review and share feedback by rating applicants, adding notes and @mentioning team members.

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