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Own your hiring process from start to finish with these handy and intuitive features.


Hiring overview

Centralized dashboard

An organized dashboard with a clear overview of all your open jobs.

Visual hiring pipeline

Visually shuffle candidates through each stage of your hiring process.

Clear candidate profiles

Contact details, applications, emails and reviews are all organized in one profile per candidate.

Better email

Shared email inbox

Email straight from the app and view all conversation in an organized thread.

Email templates

Jumpstart your emails with rejections and invitation templates.

Send bulk emails

Send emails to multiple candidates at once.

Send later

Be thoughtful about when you send emails by scheduling them for later.

HTML email signatures

Add a custom signature to your emails – HTML also supported.

Email placeholders

Personalise your email templates by using placeholders like 'Last name' and 'Company name'.

Hiring process

Event scheduler

Schedule interviews and invite your team to join in.

Dedicated stage page

A page per stage where you can write candidate reviews and find stage and interview details.


Create and publish your job post in minutes by using great looking and well-researched job post templates.

Bulk actions

Reject, change or email multiple candidates with just one click.

Auto confirmation

Keep candidates in the loop with automated confirmations to their application.

Pause applications

Not hiring right now? Pause applications and notify candidates when ready.

Review on the go

Check, review, rate and leave notes from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Easy print

Need something on paper? The quick print feature lets you read applications the old fashion way.


Use Homerun's API to easily connect with software that you're already using.

Stage settings

Set up the entire hiring process for your team with event, email and scorecard templates at each individual stage.


Hiring better, together

Team comments

A centralized, safe place where you and your team can share feedback about candidates.

Star based reviewing

Review incoming applications with just one click of the star scale rating.

Beautifully clear insights

Get insights into how successful your hiring efforts are with a clear overview of your hiring metrics.

Hidden team reviews

Your teams’ reviews will appear after submitting your own review to help avoid biased reviewing.


At each stage you can leave extensive reviews with scorecards, notes and a verdict on whether to move the candidate to the next stage or disqualify them.

In the loop

To-dos and Reminders

Set to-dos to help your team get things done.

Roles & Permissions

You're in charge of every team member's roles and access to things like the job post editor, candidate profiles, sensitive information and more.


Receive updates about new applicants in the app, in your email and/or in Slack.

Easy to get started

No training required

Even the most technically challenged can find their way within this intuitive tool.

50+ templates

No need to start from scratch – choose a template, customize and publish in minutes.

5 hiring guides

Step up your hiring game with our series of guides, packed with practical tips and advice on hiring.


Dedicated career page

Live Editor

Create & customize your career page for desktop and mobile without any technical skills. Read more


Your career page performs at its best on desktop, tablet and phone.


Add departments so people can easily scan your job posts.


Unlock candidate data, enabling secure and seamless custom integrations with your favorite tools.

Embed job posts

Already have a career page? Easily embed job posts from Homerun.


Visitors of your career page can also sort job posts by location.

Multi language

We support Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Turkish and Polish.

Fully brandable

You're in control of every image, video, word, font, color & format.

Custom favicon

Every detail matters. Even add your own favicon to your career page.

Custom domain

Connect a custom domain to your Homerun career page.

Job blocks

Easy to use blocks enable you to create a rich & authentic career page.

Chat: integrate with Intercom

Add the Intercom messenger to your job posts and career page to lower the barrier for talent to reach out.

Beautiful job posts

Live editor

You don't need any technical skills to create & customise your job posts.

Multi language

Tailor your jobs to any audience with multi language support.


Your job posts perform at its best on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Share on social media

Spread the word by posting your new jobs on social media with one click.

Custom fonts

Add custom fonts from a.o. Google, Typekit and Hoefler&Co.

Custom share image

Choose what image shows up when your job is shared on social media.

Brand colors

Your job posts are always on brand with your company colors.

Add articles

Share background info on a job post by linking to other pages like articles.

Image gallery

Enrich your job posts by adding pictures of your office and team.


Share your company culture: add your Instagram feed to any job post.

Full screen video

Add video's from Youtube and Vimeo in two clicks –even full screen.

Show colleagues

Make your job posts more personal by adding profile pictures.

Job description templates

Make use of well-crafted job descriptions that attract diverse talent and save you the time and research.

Flexible job application forms

You're in control

You decide what questions applicants have to answer as part of their application.

Add multiple questions types

Choose from a selection of question types to add to your application form like multiple choice, yes/no, file upload and text.

Add assignment

Get to know applicants a little better by adding your own assignment.

Mobile first

Applicants can apply not only from a desktop, but also from tablet or phone.

Apply with LinkedIn

Applicants can pre-fill their application by connecting with LinkedIn in 1 click.

Easy to apply

Unlike traditional forms, our forms are modern and well designed creating a pleasant candidate experience.

Custom tone of voice

You can change every letter, word and sentence on every part of the form.

Brand colors

Application forms never looked this good, add your own brand colors.

Custom wallpaper

Add a custom wallpaper or background color to your form.

Quick Apply

Make it as easy as possible for people to apply by only asking for a name & email – for those hard to fill roles.

Reach more candidates

Social sharing

Spread the word by posting your new jobs on social media with one click.

Custom share image

Choose what image shows up when your job is shared on social media.

Custom SEO per job post

Customize SEO descriptions for every job post so that talent will find you.

Multi language SEO

Multi language job posts appear correctly in Google Search results.

Everybody becomes a scout

Talent Pool

Keep track of candidates for future roles by finding, adding and tagging potential candidates.

Talent Clipper

Add talent to Homerun directly from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance & Dribbble. Read more

Todo's with reminders

Set reminders to check-in with talent so you never lose touch.

Great candidate experience

Apply confirmations

Keep candidates in the loop with automated confirmation emails.

First reply status

Get back to candidates on time with helpful reminders of who's still waiting for a reply.

Great on mobile

No matter what device you're on, your job posts look great and applying is smooth.


Homerun makes it easier for you to comply with the GDPR.
These are our dedicated features. Also, make sure to read our GDPR guide.

Active consent checkbox

Ask candidates for active consent so you can process their personal data.

Deletion of personal data

Enforce your retention policy by deleting personal data in bulk, based on easy to use date filters.

Privacy policy

Upload and link your privacy statement to your career page, job posts and application forms.

User permissions

You're in control over which permissions every team member has.

Data Processing Agreement

Homerun provides an up to date Data Processing Agreement.

Safely hosted in the EU

All data is safely hosted in the EU, Homerun forces HTTPS for all our services.


Secure SSL

Homerun forces HTTPS for all our services.

Safe backups

Your data is encrypted and is kept in secure storage servers across several data centers.

You own your data

If you decide to stop using Homerun, we can run an export of your data.

Secure payments

Our payment system runs on Stripe, certified with PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the highest certification).

Worldwide architecture

Homerun runs across multiple servers spread out across the world.

Constant monitoring

We constantly and actively monitor the performance of all our data centers.

Your data is private

Access to all of your sensitive data is restricted to you only.

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