Job description templates

An ideal job description outlines a role clearly and concisely while sparking the interest of candidates. Use one of our modern templates to jumpstart your hiring and attract the qualified, diverse talent you need.

Top tips for creating good job descriptions

All of our job description templates follow these best practices to attract qualified and diverse talent:

  • Don't go overboard with your requirements.
  • Balance out gender-coded language.
  • Keep it short, simple and concise — no jargon.
  • Use "you", "we" and "our" pronouns.

Learn more about how to write a job description.

Create job posts that stand to candidates

With Homerun you can:

  • Easily create beautiful and modern job posts

  • Create customizable and candidate-friendly job application forms

  • Bring your hiring process together in one simple hiring tool

Job description FAQs

What is a job description?

A job description is one of the most important elements of your job post. It gives candidates all the information they need to help them decide whether to apply for the job at your company. That means including information about what the job entails, who you're looking for and what it's like to work at your company.

Remember that a job post is more than just a job description. Be sure to add photos, information about perks and benefits and include use a user-friendly application form with the questions that will get you the information you need from applicants.

What should a job description include?

1. A description of your company (About the company)

If you jump right into the role description candidates who don't know your company will wonder "Wait, where would I be working?"
So provide enough context about your company for your job post to stand on its own. On your career page, you can go into more detail so that candidates who are interested can dive deeper.
In your job description, hit the high points! The company mission, the values, what the culture is like and most importantly why candidates should be excited to work at your company.

2. Responsibilities (About the job)

In the "About the Job" section describe the role. You might be tempted to break out those trusted bullet points here. Instead, tell a story – a story about the impact the person in this role will have on the success of the company and its mission.Focus less on tasks and more on outcomes and impact of the work they'll do.

3. Job specification (About the candidate)

These are the requirements or "About the candidate". But since we're addressing the candidate directly it should be "About you". This is where we suggest you use bullet points, as it's important to be to the point about what you're looking for in a candidate. Include a mix of hard skills, soft skills and required knowledge that your candidate needs.

How do you create a good job post?

Follow these steps to quickly publish a beautiful job post with a well-written job description:

  1. Open a job description template in Homerun.
  2. Add a short and attention grabbing description of your company.
  3. Add your company colors and fonts to match your brand.
  4. Add a photo gallery with fun photos of the team to show candidates who they’ll be working with.
  5. Add a visual grid of your company’s perks so that candidates know what's in it for them.
  6. Get creative and find other ways to show off your company culture. For example, include a Spotify playlist with office tunes, embed your company’s Instagram feed or add photos of the last team event.
  7. Hit publish and you’re ready to start attracting talent! Learn more about creating job posts in Homerun.

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