Sales Manager Job Description

What is a Sales Manager? A Sales Manager leads and oversees a team of sales representatives or executives within an business. Their aim is to drive sales revenue, meet or exceed sales targets and contribute to the company's profitability. They do this by creating sales strategies and managing pipelines. They also nurture client relationships and coach sales team members. Sales Managers often collaborate with marketing, product development and customer service or support.

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Sales Manager

We're looking for a

Sales Manager

to join

our fully remote and mission driven team.


Sales Manager

Sales Manager Responsibilities

About the job

As the Sales Manager at <company name>, you'll be a key part of our team, helping us create and implement our sales strategies. Together with the sales team, you'll work to hit our sales and growth targets by making sure our sales operation is running smoothly. One of the most important parts of your job will be hiring, leading and coaching the sales team. Together you'll be the driving force behind getting new customers and maintaining our current ones. You'll be forecasting our sales and revenue and making sure we reach our targets. This role is a great opportunity to impact the growth of the company and drive the success of the sales team.

Sales Manager Job Specification

About the candidate

•You have experience helping companies grow by creating effective sales strategies and building strong relationships with customers by understanding their needs.
• You know how to lead a sales team, set goals and make sure everyone has what they need to succeed.
• You're comfortable hiring, training, and guiding salespeople and checking in on their progress and objectives.
• You're skilled at creating reports on sales and revenue, making sense of the numbers and presenting your findings to your team and other stakeholders.
• You're familiar with using sales technology and CRMs to nurture leads and prospects throughout the customer journey.
• You're an expert on sales and always up-to-date on the latest market trends, tactics and developments.
• You're an excellent communicator and can help, teach and inspire your team to be their best.

Description of your company

About the company

Example: We're an agency that strongly believes in curiosity, equality and creativity. We love to build digital products in close collaboration with our target audience in order to have a positive impact on the world with tech. We highly value an open mind, collaboration and ownership in our team. So if you take pleasure in trying to solve big societal problems with technology, then join our team of activists, creatives and tech

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Sales Manager

We're looking for a

Sales Manager

to join

our fully remote and mission driven team.


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Sales Manager

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What does a Sales Manager do every day?

On a daily basis, a Sales Manager oversees their sales team, sets targets and provides guidance to ensure sales team objectives are met. They also monitor sales performance and data. They'll develop strategies to drive revenue growth are essential tasks. Interacting with customers, negotiating deals, and managing the sales pipeline are key aspects of their role. Along with that, Sales Managers conduct meetings and provide training to their team members. They're also expected to handle administrative duties and stay informed about industry trends.

What are the main skills of a Sales Manager?

A Sales Manager needs to be a strong leader and communicator who can inspire their team to reach their goals. They should have strong sales skills, be strategic and analytical thinkers, and be skilled at problem solving They must also be able to develop and maintain relationships with customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Sales Manager?

The duties and responsibilities of a Sales Manager include:

  • Creating and implementing sales strategies to achieve targets
  • Motivating and leading their team of sales representatives
  • Analyzing sales data to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key customers and partners
  • Providing training and coaching to their sales representatives
  • Creating and managing sales reports and forecasts
  • Collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and product development, to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals
  • Managing budgets and expenses related to sales activities

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