Hiring process

ATS integrations to improve your hiring workflow

ATS integrations may be uncharted territory, so let us be your guides! 💫 We're here to show you the apps you need to streamline your hiring workflow (and improve your process by leaps and bounds).

ATS integrations to improve your hiring workflow
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Hiring can sometimes feel like a journey into the unknown. 🪐 That's why you need good advice (we'll handle that) and great tools to ensure your entire hiring process is smooth, efficient and enjoyable.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) acts as the central hub for your hiring efforts and it already streamlines your recruiting workflow, but it can always benefit from a few stellar add-ons. That's where ATS integrations come in.

What is an ATS integration?

An ATS integration is essentially an enhancement to your existing ATS software. It’s like adding an app to your smartphone. The phone works well on its own, allowing you to text and make phone calls, but the right apps can make it indispensable.

Connecting your ATS with other platforms like assessment tools, communication apps and HR systems improves the entire experience for you and your candidates. It's one of the many ways you can express that you're a thoughtful and forward-thinking organization that really cares about the candidate experience.

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What are the benefits of adding an ATS integration?

As creators of an ATS for small businesses (that’s us 👋 – Homerun), we know first-hand how ATS integrations simplify and organize your hiring process while speeding up your time to hire. They help you:

✨ Expand your reach, attracting a larger pool of candidates

✨ Create a better candidate experience with quicker responses, automated scheduling and real-time communication

✨ Eliminate redundant manual tasks and ensure there are no manual entry errors

✨ Understand how effective your hiring strategy is and give you the data you need to refine it

Everyone could use a little hiring help, so let's check out some of these integrations.

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ATS integrations: The most common types (+ examples)

If you've got a good ATS, you don't need a bazillion integrations to be able to hire well. We've carefully curated a fantastic lineup of Homerun integrations for small businesses and startups with big hearts, including integrations for:

  • <a href="#Boards">Job boards</a>
  • <a href="#Communication">Communication</a>
  • <a href="#Candidate">Candidate experience</a>
  • <a href="#Scheduling">Scheduling</a>
  • <a href="#Assessments">Assessments</a>
  • <a href="#Analytics">Analytics</a>
  • <a href="#HR">Human Resources</a>
  • <a href="#API">API</a>

Let’s check out how these integrations can improve both your hiring workflow and the candidate experience in a snap.

<div id="Boards">Job boards</div>

ATS integrations for job boards are essential for reaching a wider audience and attracting the right candidates. They help in distributing job posts efficiently and tracking the performance of these postings.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 


An integration with Indeed allows you to auto-share your published jobs, meaning they’re automatically added to the Indeed database. This eliminates the need for manual job posting and ensures that your job listings remain up-to-date and visible to Indeed's audience of job seekers.

Learn more about the Indeed integration

Apply with LinkedIn

Candidates often complain (and rightfully so!) about having to fill in lengthy application forms. Imagine they could simply populate their application with relevant information from their LinkedIn profiles. Well, now they can. The Apply with LinkedIn integration streamlines the application process, reduces friction for candidates and gives you valuable insights into their skills and experience.

Learn more about the Apply with LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn Limited Listings

With a LinkedIn Limited Listings integration, you can promote job opportunities to a targeted audience on LinkedIn based on criteria like industry, location, skills and experience. Every job that you publish is automatically visible on your LinkedIn company page and searchable for active job seekers on LinkedIn.

Learn more about the LinkedIn Limited Listings Integration

Google for Jobs

Integration with Google for Jobs improves the visibility of your job posts in Google search results, increasing your chances of attracting qualified candidates. As soon as you publish your job post, Google will “scrape” the information, filter it and add it to the Google for Jobs database.

Learn more about the Google for Jobs integration

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<div id="Communication">Communication</div>

Smooth communication in the hiring process keeps candidates engaged and informed, and makes sure no one is left in the dark. Let's look at integrations that both streamline communication and enhance the candidate experience.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 


This isn’t just a messaging tool. With Intercom, you can embed real-time chat into job posts, promptly answer questions, schedule interviews and collect feedback for a personalized and interactive hiring experience.

Learn more about the Intercom integration


Slack is great for internal communication but did you know it can also help you stay on top of hiring? Start by creating a dedicated hiring channel to collaborate with your hiring team. You'll receive real-time notifications every time a new candidate has applied or you're mentioned in a note. You can also use Slack to announce to your entire team when a candidate accepts an offer! 🎉

Learn more about the Slack integration

<div id="Candidate">Candidate experience</div>

Integrations related to candidate experience let applicants connect with your company on a personal level, creating a lasting impression and increasing the likelihood of attracting top talent who align with your company's culture and values.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 

Spotify or Soundcloud

Use Spotify or Soundcloud to share playlists, podcasts or spoken-word recordings on your career page, giving candidates a taste of what it's like to be part of the team. This personal touch leads to a more enriching, immersive hiring experience, which helps small businesses to stand out and better connect with potential candidates.

Learn more about the Spotify integration and the Soundcloud integration

YouTube or Vimeo

Video is a powerful medium, and both these integrations allow you to create engaging content to introduce your company, team and workplace environment. Candidates can get a virtual tour of your office, meet team members or hear directly from managers and founders. You may also consider creating job description videos to set you apart in the competitive hiring landscape.

Learn more about the YouTube integration and the Vimeo integration


Instagram integration enables you to showcase your company's culture and values through images and stories. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, employee testimonials, and snapshots of your workplace. Candidates can get a sneak peek into your company's personality, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection.

Learn more about the Instagram integration

<div id="Scheduling">Scheduling</div>

One of the challenges of hiring is coordinating interviews, assessments and follow-ups with candidates seamlessly. Integrating scheduling tools with your ATS simplifies this aspect of recruitment. You'll avoid double bookings, have the ability to send automated reminders and interview confirmations to candidates, and in general, just more time to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration is a game-changer for efficient interview scheduling. You can create events for candidate interviews and other hiring-related activities directly from your hiring pipeline. Updates automatically sync with Google Calendar and automated reminders and notifications help keep everyone well-prepared for interviews.

Learn more about the Google Calendar integration

📣 Schedule a first, second or third interview using one of our email invitation templates!

<div id="Assessments">Assessments</div>

Assessments integrations provide a data-backed way to evaluate potential team members beyond the traditional CV, application form or interview. They ensure you're considering all aspects of a candidate's fit for a role and help you move towards unbiased hiring.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 


Equalture offers scientifically validated, game-based assessments and screening questions to assess candidates objectively, mitigate biases and identify the best fit for your team. Their gamified, research-backed assessments are an engaging way for candidates to showcase their skills and personality.

Learn more about the Equalture integration

<div id="Analytics">Analytics</div>

Integrating analytics tools into your ATS gives you a much-needed competitive edge in hiring. You get valuable insights into your hiring process and you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your recruitment strategies.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides in-depth insights into user behavior on your career site or other landing pages. By analyzing user interactions and conversion rates (e.g. completed applications or registrations), you can tweak and refine your hiring strategy for better results.

Learn more about the Google Analytics integration


VONQ is a recruitment marketing platform with targeting capabilities to help you run campaigns across a wide range of job boards, social media channels and niche websites. You'll get insights into views, clicks and applications generated from each channel, allowing fine-tune your hiring strategies and successfully grow your team.

Learn more about the VONQ integration

<div id="HR">Human Resources</div>

HR integrations for your ATS bridge the gap between hiring and onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and providing help with HR management and payroll.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 


HoorayHR covers important HR tasks like onboarding, leave management, employee self-service and more. Integrating HoorayHR's HRIS with your ATS eliminates the need for manual data entry and tedious paperwork. This allows your HR team and hiring managers to focus on what matters most — finding someone amazing to round out the team and ensuring their journey from applicant to team member is seamless and enjoyable.

Learn more about the HoorayHR integration

<div id="API">API</div>

API (Application Programming Interface) integrations allow you to connect your ATS with a wide range of other software applications, creating a customized hiring workflow that suits your unique needs. You may want to take advantage of an open API (like the API Homerun offers) to easily connect your ATS with other platforms you already love and use.

⚾️ Homerun recommends: 


Merge allows you to integrate your ATS with various third-party apps, improving your entire hiring workflow. For example, you can use Merge to connect accounting, HR, recruiting and payroll API platforms into one unified API.

Learn more about the Merge integration

Add some rocket fuel to your ATS

ATS Integrations are not just techy add-ons; they are strategic amplifiers for your hiring process. 🚀 With these extra tools, you can create a powerful, structured, fluid and dynamic hiring system while helping candidates along on their journey.

If you've already got an ATS, be sure to give these integrations a try, and if you're looking for one with all of the above, you can take ours for a spin with a free 15-day trial.

Create a powerful hiring workflow with Homerun

No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets and other apps.

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About the author
With a background in education and journalism, Brook has spent the past 18 years crafting and editing insightful content for small to medium-sized businesses. Her current favorite topics in the hiring space include employer branding and how to create a positive candidate experience. She lives in Toulouse with her husband, two sons and one sweet Staffy.

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