Add the Intercom messenger to your job posts and career page to make it even easier for talent to reach out.


Intercom is a live chat tool that enables you to engage with candidates in real-time, providing instant communication and support for a personalized and interactive hiring experience.

How it works

Embed the Intercom messenger widget into job posts and your career page to enhance your hiring process and the candidate experience. With Intercom chat, you can answer candidate’s questions about job openings, provide on-the-spot assistance during the application process, initiate interview scheduling conversations (which you can later confirm via email/calendar invite in Homerun), provide a link to sign up for job alerts, send surveys and collect candidate feedback. Create a seamless and personalized experience for candidates, improving communication, efficiency and overall satisfaction throughout the entire hiring process.

Helpful links

To learn more about the Homerun x Google Calendar integration, check out our Help Center article and this announcement about the integration.

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