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Sync your Homerun events with your Google Calendar

Homerun’s got a new best friend: Google Calendar! Connecting your Google Calendar to your Homerun account will auto-sync all Homerun interviews right to your preferred calendar.

All synced up

Once you’ve connected your Google Calendar to your Homerun account, any event created in Homerun will automatically be added to the Google Calendar of your choice. This could be the Team Hiring Calendar to keep your team members up to date, your personal work calendar or any other Google Calendar that you have permission to edit. Updates to the Homerun event will automatically be synced and updated in the Google Calendar of your choice.

All linked up

Another big win is the auto-generated Google Meet link whenever you set up a video call in Homerun. This means you won’t have to create a link yourself, or scramble to find a link you and your team have used in the past. The Google Meet link that’s generated and sent to attendees can always be found in your event in Homerun and your Google calendar. Rest assured, no candidate or team member will be in the wrong meeting while waiting for the interview to begin.

The Google Calendar integration is available now for all paid Homerun plans. To learn more about connecting your Google Calendar to your Homerun account, take a look at this Help Center article. In addition to the Google integration, we’ve recently added an RSVP tracking feature as well as event templates to Homerun, helping you to hire better and stay organized. Onward and upward! 🚀

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