Apply with LinkedIn

Increase application completion rates, enhance the candidate experience and attract top talent from LinkedIn's vast professional network using Apply with LinkedIn.


Apply with LinkedIn is a time-saving feature that enables candidates to easily submit their job applications using their LinkedIn profiles. It streamlines the application process, reduces friction for candidates and leverages the wealth of professional information available on LinkedIn.

How it works

Once connected, an “Apply with LinkedIn” button will be automatically added to every one of your application forms and candidates can seamlessly populate their application with relevant information from their LinkedIn profiles. This eliminates the need for candidates to manually enter their credentials and work history, and you gain valuable insights into their skills and experience, helping you make informed hiring decisions. Note: You will need a Corporate LinkedIn Recruiter Account or a paid LinkedIn account with job slots to set up this integration.

Helpful links

To learn more about the Homerun x Apply with LinkedIn integration, visit our Help Center article or this article from LinkedIn.

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