Google for Jobs

Optimize your job posts, attract qualified candidates and enhance your hiring efforts with Google for Jobs.


Google for Jobs is a job search platform powered by Google's search technology. It aggregates job listings from various sources, including company websites, job boards and career sites, providing a convenient and comprehensive job search experience for users.

How it works

Integrating with Google for Jobs is simple. The title, location and job description of your job post are automatically shared with Google as structured data. This allows your job openings to be indexed and displayed prominently in Google search results. You can further optimize your post by adding a salary indication and an expiry date for your job. As soon as you publish your job post, Google will “scrape” the information, filter it and add it to the Google for Jobs database. This significantly increases the visibility of your job posts, helping you reach a broader audience of potential candidates actively searching for jobs.

Helpful links

To learn more about the Homerun x Google for Jobs integration, check out our Help Center article or this blog update.