Share engaging audio content such as playlists, podcasts and team member testimonials with SoundCloud.


SoundCloud is an audio streaming platform that enables users to discover, upload and share a diverse range of audio content, including music, podcasts and spoken-word recordings.

How it works

With Homerun's SoundCloud integration, you can embed podcasts, team member testimonials and other engaging job-related audio content in your career page or job posts. Sharing unique and enlightening audio content allows candidates to more fully engage with your career site and gain a deeper understanding of your organization. This leads to a more enriching, immersive hiring experience, which helps small businesses to stand out and better connect with potential candidates.

Helpful links

To learn how to add a SoundCloud playlist, podcast or audio track to your career page or job post, visit our Help Center article. And for more on how to improve your career site, check out this article on How to make a career page that stands out to talent.

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