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How to make a career page that stands out to talent

We're walking you through the best practices of the frontrunners of hiring and showing you which elements you can apply to your own career page.

How to make a career page that stands out to talent
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What's a career page?

Your career page, also known as an employer branded career site, is the core of your employer brand. It's the place where you're marketing yourself to talent instead of customers. It's where candidates get a first impression of what it’s really like to work with you.

At Homerun we believe in the importance of having a career page that truly reflects your company culture in a unique way. That's why Homerun's hiring tool allows you to easily create a beautiful and distinctive career page tailored to your company and brand.

Why you need a career page

A career page is a necessity for any company that plans to hire in the near future and even the far future! In fact, it's always a good time to work on employer branding since this will serve you in the long run by allowing candidates to discover you.

In Talent Board’s 2021 benchmark research report on candidate experience, nearly 70% of the 83,000+ job candidates surveyed said they conducted their own research on potential employers. It’s clear candidates are hungry for information about you, so why not give them a buffet?

Your career page provides an opportunity to share rich, diverse and dynamic content that represents who you are as a company and why you do what you do. It serves as both an informative content hub and an invaluable contact point for those interested in working with you.

How to create stellar career page

You may have seen some of the stunning pro career pages that big innovative companies use to attract talent. These sites are usually custom-built using complex software and designers. Setting up a career page similar to these may seem like a daunting task, but we're here to tell you that there are simple ways to apply the best parts of these sites to your very own career page, which you can easily build in Homerun with no code at all.

We'll walk you through the best practices of the frontrunners of hiring and show you how to apply these practices to your own career page. To begin, here are the 10 tips for creating your best career page, which we’ll explain more in depth below:

  1. <a href="#story">Tell your company's story</a>
  2. <a href="#hiring-process">Be transparent about your hiring process</a>
  3. <a href="#company">Get concrete about what it's like to work at your company</a>
  4. <a href="#team">Show off your team and their expertise</a>
  5. <a href="#perks">Add the perks of working at your company</a>
  6. <a href="#copy">Use creative copy that reflects your company culture to attract talent</a>
  7. <a href="#video">Include a video of the team</a>
  8. <a href="#values">Present your company values in an aesthetic way</a>
  9. <a href="#accolades">Highlight your accolades</a>
  10. <a href="#team-members">Give team members the mic</a>

<div id="story">1. Tell your company's story 📚</div>

Storytelling. We all know it as an excellent marketing tool, but guess what? Hiring is marketing. Your career page is the place where you're marketing your company towards potential talent. This is where you can tell them why your company exists, what it stands for and why someone would want to be a part of it.

Shopify shows us how it’s done with a career page that includes a helpful section dedicated to people, culture and values.

Through text, photos and testimonials, visitors are given a good glimpse of life at Shopify.

“We are astrophysicists, aspiring chefs, parents, salsa dancers – and we channel that range into building a world where entrepreneurship for everyone is more possible than it’s ever been.”  — Shopify

You too can tell a riveting story about your company and what it's like to work there. Include the history of the company, the mission and the greater purpose that your team is working towards.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: With Homerun's Cover Image job block you can easily combine a riveting tagline that reflects your values with a stunning cover image—no coding required.<br></p></div>

<div id="hiring-process">2. Be transparent about the hiring process 🔎</div>

Letting candidates know what they can expect from your hiring process helps create a good candidate experience. It also helps you to get the most authentic impression of candidates as they will be well prepared for each step of your hiring process.

Glossier goes so far as to include FAQs on their career page specifically related to how they hire:

Glossier career page

On Mailchimp's career page they link to a separate article that goes into detail about every aspect of the hiring process. On your own page, you can include information like:

  • What to expect as a candidate (what the timeline of the hiring process entails)
  • How many stages the hiring process has
  • How many interviews there will be
  • What will be discussed in interviews (skills or value fit)
  • How long until they can expect a reply to their application
  • Who is responsible for the hiring process

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Easily link to articles in an aesthetic way with the publication job block in Homerun.<br></p></div>

<div id="company">3. Get concrete about what it's like to work at your company 🔩</div>

The more a candidate can envision what it might be like working at your company, the more likely they are to apply. So get concrete and add details to your career page about:

  • What the working environment is like (Creative and inspiring? Internationally-oriented? Innovative?)
  • What kind of tech tools you use (Slack, Trello, Figma, etc.)
  • What kind of workflows you have (Agile, remote, etc.)
  • What the office is like (You can't go wrong with pictures or videos!)

Zapier helps candidates understand what it's like to work there by sharing a few articles about how they do remote work:

Some companies like Typeform include a beautifully-produced video on their career webpage showcasing their office and team.

Going all out with a video isn't the only way, though. You can have a similar impact with some high-quality photos of your office (an iPhone camera goes a long way), icons of your tech stack and some good ol' copy to share the unique aspects of working at your company.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Use our toolbox job block to show your tech stack and tools. Or choose from a number of different image galleries to show off your office and working environment. You can also showcase your clients so that candidates can get a feeling for the caliber of your work.<br></p></div>

<div id="team">4. Show off your team and their expertise 🛠</div>

Candidates want to get to know the people that they'll see every day if they end up coming to work with you. Not just their lovely faces but your team's expertise and skills are actually your biggest differentiator.

So show them off with team photos from your weekly drinks, game nights and team events, like Figma does below.

You can also link team member’s LinkedIn pages or add information about their jobs and expertise. This way candidates will know who they'll get to learn from, work with and spend time with!

Bakken&Baeck showcases their team's expertise with a dedicated tech blog written by the developers in the team. This is a great way to attract talent looking to work with a team of inspiring and skilled people.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: With the Team and LinkedIn job block you can properly show off your team and their skills on your Homerun career page.<br></p></div>

<div id="perks">5. Add the perks of working at your company 👍</div>

Perks are those fun extras you get when joining a company. But more than that, they are reflections of your company's values.

  • Do you value creativity? Offer team museum trips!
  • Do you value company culture? Show it with fun team events.
  • Do you care about the health of your team? Offer daily healthy lunches, fitness classes or subscriptions to mindfulness apps.

Be sure to display these pluses within your career page in an aesthetic way. Cash App shows their perks with epic illustrations that fit their brand. They've tactically chosen a mix of monetary and non-monetary perks to showcase:

Cash app career page

Gusto does a good job of illustrating that their perks are more than just that. "Taking care of our people is just as important as taking care of our customers." The company values shine through the thoughtful copy that explains them:

gusto career page

You might not have big perks like a company car, a huge training budget or a gym membership. Don't underestimate the inherent (non-monetary) perks that your company has when creating your own career page. Perks can be simple but impactful things like fun team lunches, delicious coffee, working in a beautiful building, flexible working hours, having meetings outside when it's sunny or being able to work from home.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Create an aesthetic grid of your perks with the Perk job block in Homerun. For the Homerun career page we had illustrations made that fit our brand, but you can also use icons from libraries like The Noun Project to make showing off your perks even easier.<br></p></div>

https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/5e98516ca724a06890804175_Frame 18 (1).png

<div id="copy">6.  Use creative copy that reflects your company culture to attract talent 🖊</div>

Let your company's culture and values permeate every word you write. Sustainable clothing brand Everlane does this in their opening tagline:

"Dear rule-breakers, questioners, straight-A students who skipped class: We want you."

It's clear from this one sentence that Everlane values risk-taking and challenging the status quo. Get your best copywriter to cook up the words that will tell your story and reflect your culture and values.

Figma reinforces their brand and shows they value fun, family and hobbies through events like Yappy Hour, Catty Meow-ur, Figma Family Day and cooking classes led by “Figmates.”

Figma career page

And Spotify is clearly ready to rock as they showcase their culture and values through their “band manifesto.”

Spotify Career page

With all the care you put into your content, you’ll want to make sure it’s displayed in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Choose the fonts and background colors that make sense for your company.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Not a designer? No problem. With the Homerun Live Editor, you can make sure that curated content is on brand with custom fonts and colors. Use it to customize your career page, create job posts and share an easy-to-fill-in candidate application form. <br></p></div>

<div id="video">7.  Include a video of your team 🎥</div>

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine how much a video is worth? Someone actually did. Dr. James McQuivey, author of Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation, estimated that if a video shoots at 30 frames per second, 1 second of video = 30,000 words.

The concept is fun to think about, but we all know it’s not about the number of words you share. It’s about conveying images and information that candidates are going to respond well to and gain insights from.

With video you can:

  • Share your employer brand
  • Increase engagement
  • Enhance candidate experience by giving them information in an enjoyable, easy-to-consume way
  • Help candidates determine if your company is a cultural fit for them

Dutch bike rental and service company Swapfiets showcases their product and team in a short video that encourages candidates to join a crew of “like-minded legends” on a mission to show the world how to consume less and enjoy more.

Swap fiets career page

It’s no surprise that Netflix shares some slick video content on their career page, including a day in the life of a team member and how inclusion takes root at Netflix.

Your video can be on almost any subject, really, as long as it gives viewers a better sense of who you are as a company! A couple years ago we created a video about our two (former) office goldfish, Sofia Lopez and Package For, but it conveniently also highlighted our office space and team. 😉

Stephen in goldfish video

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Use Homerun’s YouTube and Vimeo job blocks to share your videos and communicate more authentically with candidates. <br></p></div>

<div id="values">8.  Present your company values in an aesthetic way 🖼</div>

Did you know that 73% of job seekers will not apply to a company unless that company’s values align with their own? That stat should have you jumping at the chance to make sure your values are clearly displayed on your career page.

There are a variety of ways you can do this. TaskRabbit chooses simple and streamlined, displaying four main values and expanding upon each one. The clear icons solidify the ideas and make them memorable.

Task rabbit career page

Recharge Payments takes a similar approach with four core values and descriptions, but with a different layout, color scheme and icons that fit their brand.

Recharge payment career page

Bright and playful emojis precede Slack’s six core values which support their mission to make work life simpler, more pleasant and productive.

Slack career page

The above examples are a good reminder that you don’t have to write a novella to convey the values that underlie your vision. (We visited one career page that included a link to a 128-page description of their culture code and key values. Who has time to read that?!) Find a way to get the message across while being clear and concise.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Do not underestimate the value of displaying your company values. If a candidate realizes their values don’t align with yours, it enables them to move on and continue their search, saving everyone precious time. This also means that the people who are a value fit are more likely to read on and connect with you if they like what they see.<br></p></div>

<div id="accolades">9.  Highlight your accolades 🏆</div>

Your career page is the place where it’s perfectly acceptable to toot your own horn. Whether you’ve received awards or a cool write-up in the press, these accolades say something about the goals that you strive towards and the kind of work you do.

Webflow, for example, has been dubbed one of the Best Places to Work and one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators. Candidates will also be interested to learn they’ve also been honored for their work in enterprise tech and as a career-launching company.

Career page webflow

TaskRabbit was named one of the Best Places to Work among midsize companies in Austin, and a duo of awards from Databird Business Journal show that they value and live out diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text">🔥 Tip: Easily add awards and accolades with Homerun’s Awards job block. You may also choose to share blog posts, articles and general hype with the Press block.<br></p></div>

<div id="team-members">10. Give team members the mic🎙</div>

A little piece of advice: potential candidates are more likely to trust what your current team says about your company over corporate messaging. So give team members the mic and let them share their own thoughts and experiences!

Pitch cleverly presents their people around the globe sharing what it’s like to be part of the team.

Pitch career page

Doist highlights their team’s ability to shape their career with individual career paths. They include a brief quote and a link to a full story from each featured team member.

<div class="inpage-callout-container"><p class="inpage-banner-text"> 🔥 Tip: Sharing a live feed from your company’s Instagram account or quotes from team members on your career page can both inform and inspire candidates. Adding these elements is a breeze with our Instagram and Big quote job blocks.<br></p></div>

How to make a career page that works for you

A solid career page with a positive, candidate-focused UX is one of the most powerful tools in your recruitment arsenal. It should come with all the stories, information and guidance for prospects to make an informed decision.

We’ve shared plenty of custom-built career page examples from some of the frontrunners in hiring which we hope will inspire you to create or refine your own career page. If you follow the ten tips above, you’ll be on track to provide all the information candidates need to determine if they are a good fit for your company and to move forward with a simple application process.

Remember, the best career pages will have a variety of content and a well-articulated employer brand to attract talent and streamline the recruitment process. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert or a designer to build a stellar career page. With an easy-to-use hiring tool like Homerun, you just need to put in a little work and watch your career page work for you. 💪

And the award for best career page made with Homerun goes to…

We can’t possibly pick just one, but we have gathered what we think are some of the best career page examples that are absolutely doable with a lightweight hiring tool like Homerun. (We know this because each and every one of these company career pages was made using Homerun!)

Here are 10 career pages to inspire you:

1. Dopper

<div class="browser-container shadow"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/60b783ac59f140b564981be6_Dopper%20-%20Thumbnail.png" loading="lazy" alt="Dopper"></div

Dopper empowers people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles to protect our world’s water sources. They offer candidates “a chance to change the world,” along with other desirable and clearly-laid-out perks.

2. Plantsome

<div class="browser-container shadow"><div class="browser-chrome"><div class="browser-block-buttons"><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div><div class="browser-icon"></div></div></div><img src="https://assets.website-files.com/5e1452b8eb497cb0d999c76f/60b4f4dc4f99e90667182d5c_Plantsome%20-%20Thumbnail.png" loading="lazy" alt="Plantsome"></div

Plantsome delivers house plants to your front door and offers an app to help care for your new green amigos. Their career page features lighthearted language and their fun-loving team holding some of the luscious, leafy plants they offer.

3. Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make all chocolate worldwide 100% slave-free. Their career page confirms they are crazy about chocolate and serious about people.

4. TNW

TNW is a global digital brand that informs, inspires and connects people who love tech through media, events and services. They share lots of great reasons to join their crew, including being part of “an inspiring, skilled, hilarious team of people who do good things in tech.”

5. Packaly

Packaly is a super fast last-mile delivery platform that provides businesses and their customers with an on-demand delivery service. They share a helpful video showing how they’re democratizing inner city deliveries and a list of happy clients utilizing their service.

6. OneUp

OneUp offers a suite of tools to manage and motivate sales teams. What started as a simple way to gamify sales has grown into a mission to make working more enjoyable.

7. Linehub

Linehub helps brands like Booking.com, HelloFresh and AliExpress to develop campaigns that work and create true value. Their career webpage helps candidates discover what they’re about and invites them to “Join the Line.”

8. Buffer

Buffer is a suite of tools designed to help innovative companies grow their businesses. Visitors to their career page learn about their team, their values, the perks that come with the job and more.


TBWA\NEBOKO is a creative agency that helps brands find strategic and creative white space through the power of Disruption®. Their cool career page helps candidates determine if they’re “pirate material.”

10. Patta

Patta is a trendy flagship in the Netherlands offering the latest street-inspired fashion as well as events & exhibitions. Their clean and simple career page invites candidates to join “a diverse team of passionate people” highlighted in their team photo.

And there you have it! Ten top-notch career page examples to get the creative juices flowing. ✨

About the author
Brook is 1/3 of the Homerun Content Team. With a background in education and journalism, she’s spent the past 18 years crafting and editing insightful content for small to medium-sized businesses. Her current favorite topics in the hiring space include employer branding and how to create a positive candidate experience. She lives in Toulouse with her husband, two sons and one sweet Staffy.

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