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Create a beautiful career page and job posts with our improved Live Editor

We've improved the Live Editor, it's more reliable, faster and easier to use. This helps you create and design a career page and job posts that performs best in class. Stand out from the crowd with unique job blocks and advanced customization features to stay on brand, such as custom colors, fonts, content and much more.

Improved font editing capabilities

The new sidebar in action

So what's new?

It's now easier to edit fonts for your career page and job posts:

  • Custom font colors: Customize font colors for titles, body text, quotes and more. This provides more flexibility in designing pages that match your company brand
  • Improved font design tools: Change font styling elements on the page, without a popup. That way you can see what your changes look like directly on the page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Use keyboard arrows up/down or shift arrows up/down to change the font's size/weight/line-height.

Additionally, we've made improvements that make working in the Live Editor easier and faster:

  • Live editor frame: A newly added frame around the job post and career page, indicates that you're editing a page, providing you with more clarity.
  • Apply button visible: The apply button is now visible in the Live Editor for your job posts. This provides an extra visual cue when you change the brand color and shows you more accurately what your actual published job post will look like.
  • Default background color: Set a default background color for your page to kickstart your design and to further personalize your pages.

Try it out yourself and experience our beautiful, no-code Live Editor: no tech skills needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@homerun.co.

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