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Simplify hiring with Homerun’s job application creator

Level up your hiring process with this online job application form maker. Add it to your website, have candidates connect their LinkedIn profiles to easily apply and make the job application process an enjoyable one for your future hires.

The job application form template created by Homerun lets you create a flexible and beautifully designed application form in minutes – no code required. Tailor your application form to each specific job by adding custom fields for employment history, questions and an option to upload an intro video and assignments. From start to finish and right down to brand colors, you’re in total control of the job application form.

How to use this job application maker and template

Step 1

Create your Homerun account and compose your online application form

Select the job type (part-time, full-time, contract, etc.), department and location. Want to get a headstart? Learn more about how to format a great job application form. Easily add and remove information from the form (e.g. questions and personal information such as education history and employment experience) or add an assignment.

create your homerun accountcreate your homerun accountcreate your homerun account
customize your design
Step 2

Customize your form design to match your brand

Your job application form can and should be a representation of your unique employer brand. Customize the layout of your form in your company settings. From the Live Editor change the brand color, font type, weight, size and even line height. Edit your title, page description and share image so it’s ready for online sharing. Adjust the form any way you like and make changes even after it’s been published.

Step 3

Publish and share your job application form

Once the form has been tested and it’s ready to go, it’s time to share it. You can add your new job application form to your website by copying the URL to your website so you can gather applications from visitors. Do the same on social media by pasting the link right to your company’s social media profiles. Stay in the loop with new applicants with in-app notifications.

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manage applications
Step 4

Manage candidate applications and find the right match

Manage the job applications as they roll in, right from Homerun’s ATS. Get a visual overview of your hiring pipeline with our centralized dashboard and clear candidate profiles.

“With many roles open at a time, Homerun keeps things organized, transparent and it gets us great candidates without wasting time.”

Lisa Baltes, Recruiter at Brammibal's Donuts

Why use an online job application form versus a PDF or email?

A flexible online application form helps you organize and make sense of all the applicants' information, making it easier for you to screen and evaluate candidates.

When your application form is the same across the board, you can more objectively compare candidates' skills and experience (a win for your DE&I hiring efforts)! And when you provide an easy-to-fill-in online form that highlights your employer brand, it creates a strong first impression and a seamless hiring experience that'll motivate them to want to be a part of your team.

Before and after image of a job application form process, highlighting Homerun's online job application form maker.

Job application form FAQs

Is this form GDPR compliant?

You bet! This job application form makes it easy for you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Homerun has been built with dedicated GDPR features like an active consent checkbox, user permissions, a privacy policy and the ability to delete personal data which is safely hosted in the EU. Learn more about GDPR within Homerun.

What information should I include on my job application form?

You can include as much or as little information on your job application form as you like. But to keep it simple and easy for applicants to fill in, you can add these basic question fields to your employment application form:
- Full name
- Work experience and previous employment
- Location

Once you've got the basic info, you can always spice up your job application form with additional fields. You can ask for their preferred start date, educational background or even a link to their social media profile—it's all up to you. If you want to collect CVs or have applicants upload an introduction video rather than a typed-out response, you can include a question with fields for file uploads.

Can I easily edit and customize this job application form?

Absolutely. You have complete control over the job application form. Customize it to match your brand's colors and add an engaging wallpaper or background to make it visually appealing. You're the boss of the content, too. You get to choose the application questions candidates need to answer, whether it's multiple choice, yes or no, file upload or just plain text. And if you want to dig deeper into applicants' abilities, go ahead and throw in an assignment to the form. It's all up to you!

How can I optimize my job application form? 

Here are our five top tips for optimizing your employment form to improve your job application process and get the most important information from your applicants:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Applications that are too long and with too many steps are a big pain for job seekers. It doesn't make sense to make candidates invest a ton of time this early in the hiring process.
  • Make it as easy as possible to fill in the application form: Automate the application process where possible. For example, allow candidates to pre-fill an application form with basic information from their LinkedIn profile rather than uploading a CV.
  • Ask questions that candidates want to fill in: Ask interesting, open-ended job application questions that get your candidates to show you who they are and if they’re a value-fit for your company.
  • Throw in something light: You need to be able to hold your candidate's attention and motivate them to finish the application. Throw in a light, fun question that will put a smile on their face.
  • Test the application form process for yourself: Before you publish and share your form, take it for a test drive. Ask yourself if the process is smooth and clear based on how long it’ll take applicants to complete.

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