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There's really no need to hire remote workers with nothing but your optimism, an Excel spreadsheet, and a free Zoom account. Not that it's impossible, but why make life so hard for yourself? We've listed a bunch of remote hiring tools that we think will lighten the load when remote hiring.

Remote hiring tools weren’t always a ‘thing’. Face-to-face conversations, maniacally scribbling down interview notes nobody can decipher and trying to remember if one candidate stood out more than another. Ah, those were the days (not really). With everything shifting online thanks to a particular virus, hiring is changing too. Here’s the thing, optimism, an Excel spreadsheet and a free Zoom account aren’t enough to hire remote workers.

Well, to be honest, it's sort of doable if you don't mind a messy process. But why would you want all that extra headache that makes you want to tear your hair out? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some of the best remote hiring tools we know will take a load off your shoulders when remote hiring.

Remote hiring tools for finding remote workers

Studies show 99% of people want to work remotely at least some of the time because they want a flexible schedule and to spend more time at home with their families. This is good news! It means you have a massive (global) pool of fantastic talent at your fingertips who you can potentially hire remotely. The problem — finding remote workers isn’t easy.

Well, unless you have remote hiring tools available designed just for that purpose. 😏


Remote.io is a job board for remote workers and people who want to work from home. It’s one of the most viewed job boards by remote job seekers, so you can reach thousands of monthly visitors who want to work from home when hiring remotely. There are also a handful of customization options to help set your listings apart from the competition.

With your very own dashboard to manage remote job listings and a platform hyper-targeted towards remote workers, you can find the perfect candidate in a matter of days.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely boasts the largest remote work community in the world with over 3,000,000 (yes, three million) visitors. And no, they don’t scrape listings from other platforms. This remote hiring tool has been leading the charge since 2013 when it comes to hiring remote workers.

With a 90%+ success rate, you’ll receive prioritized applicant batches so you can save time usually spent working through hundreds of applications.


Described as a ‘better Google for nomad entrepreneurs and an encyclopedia for remote workers’, NoDesk is a unique remote hiring tool. Along with its own listings, it brings together a bunch of different remote job boards to help candidates find their dream role, ranging from freelancers to designers.

What this means for you is you’re likelier to find the best people — quicker.


Freelance, part-time, full-time — you name it, FlexJobs offers it. This remote hiring tool has over 50 job categories designed for remote workers at every stage in their careers. FlexJobs also screens every job before it’s posted, so you’ll avoid the embarrassment of wasting valuable time on untrustworthy listings again.


JustRemote is a remote hiring tool that does what it says on the tin. It’s a simple yet powerful platform allowing you to fill the remote positions you need. JustRemote is focused on user experience. Doing this keeps users (these users being your potential future team members) on the website. When they stay for longer, they’re more likely to find and engage with the remote role you’re advertising.

Don’t worry about your job adverts getting buried or lost in the shuffle, either. JustRemote is a big advocate of curating the right jobs for users to keep engagement rates high, meaning you’re likelier to find the right match.

A Remote hiring tool for keeping your hiring workflow organized

If you're using email and spreadsheets to organize your hiring then you're bound to have run into frustrating problems while hiring remote. For example, not being able to find CVs you need to review, not sure if anyone in your team has sent replies to candidates on time, being unable to have a clear overview of where you are in the hiring process, the list goes on. There's actually only one tool that can help you with all this - Homerun! Here are some features that'll help you keep your remote hiring workflow organized:

A centralized dashboard of all your jobs

Open Homerun and find an organized dashboard with a clear overview of all your open jobs. You can see exactly how many candidates are in which stage of the hiring process so you and your team know how far along each candidate is. You can even shuffle candidates along a visual hiring pipeline that makes your hiring flow something you can easily wrap your head around.

Application forms and clear candidate profiles

With Homerun's customizable apply forms you have full control over the information that candidates give you. No need to parse through unstructured motivation letters and CVs. Ask candidates exactly what you need to know to review them. And the best part is that all this information lands in a clear candidate overview that your whole team has access to. From the candidate profile anyone can send and read emails that have been sent back and forth between your team and the candidate. This way your whole remote team is kept in the loop and theres no need for endless update meetings.

Features for seamless team communication

Slack, email and video calls are all ways we communicate on a regular remote working day. However, when it comes to hiring, information about candidates needs to be easy to find for anyone in your team. That's why Homerun centralizes all communication around hiring in one place. Your team can view and rate candidates and leave notes about how interviews went for example. Notifications, to-dos and reminders make it so that no one misses a thing.

For more on Homerun, watch this short product tour to see how it'll make remote hiring a cinch.

Remote hiring tools for remote interviewing

A big part of remote hiring is remote interviewing! Sure, we're all already familiar with Google meets, Zoom and microsoft teams but there are actually quite a lot other tools out there that meet different needs. Let's dive into them!


Candidates want simplicity and that’s exactly what Whereby offers. What’s unique about this video remote hiring tool is you never need to download any software or apps. None. Just choose a personalized URL and meet using your internet browser on your desktop or mobile in one click

It’s the perfect way to set up interviews without needing to guide candidates through a new tool. Its look and feel is also a lot friendlier than your typical video call tool like Zoom or Google Meets.


myInterview is another fantastic remote hiring tool you can use to record screening interviews of candidate's as a replacement for a CV. Candidates can show off their personality in a video interview that you can then share with your team and decide who you'd like to meet.

The platform doesn’t just offer screening either. With myInterview, you can proceed with live interviews via a fully-branded single experience — from the introduction to the final stage of the hiring process. Like Whereby, the UX is also clean and easy to use.


Gut feeling isn’t the way to hire an excellent candidate. Screenloop is an interview intelligence platform that enables businesses to create great interviews at scale. It automatically captures your candidate interactions, transcribes the interview and provides you with smart prompts.

What’s excellent about Screenloop is you can share snippets, utilize the transcripts and highlights from interviews, comparing candidates side by side to support the remote hiring decisions you make.


Another remote hiring tool that needs to be in your stack is Calendly. It's not for video calls themselves, but for scheduling them. It’s a super handy scheduling tool you and your team can use to plan interviews. What’s so special about it regarding remote hiring? You won’t need to rack your brains working out the time zone intricacies. It auto-detects every candidate’s time zone and adjusts the available times accordingly, whether the candidate is in Chicago or Timbuktu.

Remote hiring tools for giving candidates assignments

In some remote jobs, you might want some peace of mind when deciding between candidates that you’re making the right choice. In some jobs, it makes sense to give candidates assignments, especially in creative roles. Guess what? There are remote tools for this, too.


If you’re giving a candidate an assignment related to brainstorming or teamwork, look no further than Miro. It’s a visual collaboration platform that’ll prove to be valuable, especially in a world of remote work. It offers an engaging and intuitive collaboration experience with plenty of options for asynchronous or real-time work on an online whiteboard.

So, while it’s excellent for real-time remote assignments, it’s also a handy tool to keep for your remote team — period.


Talview is an online assessment tool that offers multiple-choice, essay, aptitude, typing and complex STEM tests. You can assign these tests to candidates for roles that really need specific testable knowledge.

Your own tools

Whatever tools you use on day-to-day basis, integrate them into your overall remote hiring process. The more you can help candidates gleam what it's like to work at your company the better. So try to integrate tools you often use into your assignment process. This way you can also better understand how well they'd work in your team.

Remote hiring tools to round out the hiring process

Great, you have the bulk of your process sorted for when you need to hire remote workers. The next step is to dot the i’s by making an offer, setting up a contract and start onboarding your new remote worker!


Gut feeling hires should be a no-no. You might have an incredible feeling about a particular candidate that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside — validate that feeling with references. Enter HiPeople.

HirePeople will help you make more informed hiring decisions without bias and reduce your time to hire. Successful, efficient and fair. It’s a winner all around.


A candidate has jumped through the hoops, they’ve hit their assessment out of the park and you have some glowing references telling you to sign them ASAP. The next step is to send out an offer letter for them to sign. SignRequest is an excellent tool as you can bypass any printers or scanners (if people still have them at home). You can sign it digitally, the candidate can sign it digitally and everyone’s happy.


HiBob is an all-in-one platform that can be an absolute lifesaver. With it, you can manage time, talent, performance and culture in one platform. Whether it’s onboarding employees, simplifying time-tracking or taking care of essential admin tasks, you can do it all and loads more in one place.

Bamboo HR

An HR software you should invest in is Bamboo HR. It collects and organizes all of the information you usually stack up in paperwork throughout the employee lifecycle. It keeps all the data in a centralized place, meaning you can ditch the storage cabinets that put data at risk and that make little sense when working remote. So, whether you’re hiring, building culture or anything in between, you have access and insights to focus on your people.

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