A sensitive update

Do you want to share information in Homerun, but not with the entire team? You can now share sensitive notes - like the salary indication of a candidate - with a select part of the team. Only team members with the permission to view sensitive information will be able to see sensitive notes.

Adding sensitive notes

Adding a sensitive note is a walk in the park. When writing a team note, click the lock icon in the lower left corner to make the note sensitive. Sensitive notes can only be viewed by team members with sensitive information permission. Whenever you hover the lock icon of a published note, it shows which team members can view the sensitive note.

Example of posting a sensitive note

Sensitive information permission

Sensitive note permission can be managed in the settings, where you can see which team members have access to sensitive information.

Where to edit the sensitive information permission

Activating the feature

Read here how to activate sensitive information for your account.

More improvements to notes

Next to sensitive notes, we've also improved notes to be more powerful with the option to use styling, and the ability to edit your notes after having published them. We hope this will improve your workflow in Homerun!

More product updates

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