Never miss new candidates with in-app notifications

New in-app notifications will fill you in on team communication that requires your attention and lets you know when new candidates apply. On top of email and Slack notifications, we've now launched in-app notifications to help you get the most important information right from the Homerun dashboard.

In-app notifications from the desktop version of Homerun
In-app notifications from the mobile version of Homerun

Get caught up right from your dashboard

You'll no longer have to sift through your email to know what's been going on in Homerun while you've been away. Just log in and you'll quickly know what you need to know.

You'll receive in-app notifications:

  • when a new candidate has applied
  • whenever a team member @mentions you in a note
  • when you've been added to a hiring team. All this in real-time right from your dashboard

To learn more about different notifications and how to manage them, check out our Help Center.

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