New Insights: measure your hiring in just one glance

We all love a makeover, don't we? Good news! The Insights pages just got a big one! It's now easier to quickly see the most important hiring metrics in a visual way. In addition, we've added new data, such as the time to hire, time to first reply, number of events scheduled, and disqualification reasons. Also, the new export contains a whole lot more data so it's easier to create your own analyses.

Key metrics can be glanced at the top of the page

New hiring metrics

Share and report important results and interesting metrics with your team in a visual way. New metrics on the page complete your hiring process:

  • Average time to hire shows how long it took you and your team to find the perfect candidate starting on the day of application, up until the candidate was hired
  • See how well you and your team are replying to candidates on time by checking the average time to first reply
  • Check how many events your team scheduled during the hiring process
  • Then to wrap it up, get an overview of why candidates are being disqualified

Data is visualised using interactive graphs

More extensive export

We've also added these extra hiring metrics, and more data to the export so you can now create more extensive analyses yourself. Combine disqualification reasons with traffic sources of your candidates, check the conversion rate for different departments, the time to first reply for your locations, or create other powerful analyses to use in reports. Check this article in our Help Center to learn more about the data in the export.

Turn to our Help Center to learn more about the new Insights page.

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