A digestible and beautiful overview of your hiring insights

The new insights page makes it easy to understand your hiring data. Thanks to an easily digestible design you have a clear overview of what aspects of your hiring process are working and what needs improvement.

You don't have to be a data analyst to understand the insights page. It gives you a clear and good looking overview of the most important hiring metrics. This way you can see what's going well and what still needs work. No need to deal with horrendous looking spreadsheets 😉

The new insights reports both company insights as well as specific job insights. Amongst other things, you can track the performance of your:

  • Job posts: views, applications and sources
  • Hiring team: time to first reply
  • Hiring process: time to hire

Learn and take action: See how your career page, job posts and hiring team are performing so that you can easily take the right steps towards better hiring.

Keep your team in the loop: You don't have to be an analyst to digest these reports. They're ready for you to show your colleagues so that they too can see the results of your hiring efforts in a beautifully clear overview.

Have a look at your very own insights here. For more information on the metrics that are available in Homerun, have a look at our help center here.

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