New question types to better get to know your candidates

New question types like multiple choice and yes/no questions help you gather the information you need from candidates in new and creative ways.

Take the pain right out of applying by making your apply forms, even more, engaging with these new question types.

What's new?

Besides the long and short answer options in the apply form you can now add these nifty new question types:

  • Multiple choice questions: No more ambiguity or possibility for misinterpretations when you give your candidates the answers to choose from.
  • Yes/no questions: Keep it simple with just these 2 options: yes or no. Because sometimes one word is all you need.
  • Add a file: You can now ask candidates to upload a file as part of your apply form.

Also, your brand colors are now used in more places in your apply form so that it fits your brand even more.

Read more about how the new question types work here.

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