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Publish a job post in no time with job description templates

Job description templates provide you with an accurate, well crafted job description that attracts diverse talent and saves you the time and hassle of figuring out what needs to be included in your role description and requirements. We've done that research for you. Just customize and you're ready to publish!

One of the biggest hurdles of publishing a job post is writing the job description. That's why we've launched Job description templates.

  • A head start on publishing your job post: Job description templates give you a head start on creating you job post. All you have to do is pick a job description template, make it your own and publish!
  • Inclusive language: Job description templates are crafted to help you attract diverse talent, by applying best practices when it comes to inclusive language.
  • Optimal format: The format of the job descriptions are optimized to attract candidates. For example, the word length, sentence length and amount of bullet points are in that sweet spot that will help your job post to perform well.
  • Accurate role descriptions and requirements: We've done the research for you so that job description templates will provide you with accurate role descriptions and requirements that speak to candidates in the role you're looking for.



How it works:

When getting ready to publish a job post in Homerun, you'll be able to see if there's a job description available for the role you're hiring. Job descriptions templates are only available to if your default language is set to English. After selecting the job title, you can choose to prefill your job post, bringing you one step closer to publishing and finding your ideal candidate.

Just click continue and you'll find a ready made job post prefilled with a job description template. All you need to do is customize the text so that it fits your company and the specific role.


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