Get back to new candidates in time

Create a positive candidate experience by replying quickly to new candidates. The first reply status tells you which candidates are still waiting for a reply to their application:

A red label indicates which candidates urgently need a first reply

First reply status

When a candidate hasn't heard back from you after receiving an initial confirmation email they will receive the status "First reply overdue". You'll see this status appear on the job overview page and candidate profile. You can choose how many days must pass between receiving an application and when a candidate's status changes to "First reply overdue". This timeframe can range across 3, 5, 7, 14, and 30 days. Check out our Help Center to learn more.

You can set a default timeframe for all jobs, but some job openings may require a quicker reply than others. That's why you can set different timeframes for specific job openings.

The timeframe can be changed company-wide, or per job opening

Hiring metrics

Make sure your hiring measures up by measuring the success of your hiring on our new insights page (beta). You can use the page to learn more about your current time to a first reply, and adjust your hiring process accordingly. The new page also allows you to quickly see other important metrics in a visually clear way. New data such as the time to hire, number of events scheduled, and disqualification reasons can help you recap and evaluate your hiring process. Learn more about the new Insights page with our Help Center.

Track your first reply performance on our new insights page

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