Schedule emails to send later

The moment you write emails is not always the right moment for candidates to receive them. That's why you can now schedule emails to be sent out later.

Easily schedule emails to candidates to be sent out at a later time or a later date. Because let's face it, when candidate experience is important to you, you need to be thoughtful about how, when, and in what way you correspond with your candidates.

Some scenarios you might be familiar with that scheduling emails will be a big help with:

  • For the night owls: You occasionally like to work on candidate correspondences late at night, but you don't want to disturb the candidate with a late-night email notification, especially if it's bad news. Now your emails can be sent out in the morning while you're still catching up on your z's 😴.
  • For time-sensitive assignments: You want to give candidates an assignment that has a time limit. You need to send it out at a specific time that you've agreed upon with the candidate at which the start time begins. No need to set a reminder to send it out because you can schedule it!
  • For handling rejections sensitively: You might get a new application that you review as soon as you've received it and you're able to quickly see that the candidate is not a match for the role. The (short) amount of time you've spent evaluating this candidate is not a reflection of how much thought you've put into it, but from the candidate's perspective, it could seem that way. So you schedule a rejection email for a little later to be sensitive.

To see how to schedule an email have a look here.

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