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Best practices for hiring interns

Hiring interns indeed takes some work, but with the right tools in place, the process can be simple and enjoyable for all. When hiring an intern, remember the following best practices:

  • The hiring process should not be rushed. Start recruiting interns at least 3 months in advance so everyone can plan.
  • Keep students’ lack of job application experience in mind when hiring. They’ll need some extra guidance and information about what to expect in a job interview.
  • Get an authentic impression of your candidates. Conduct more than one interview and do your best to put them at ease.
  • If you have the means to pay your interns, then do it. Let’s make equitable and inclusive labor policies for internships the norm.
  • Treat the internship like a mentorship. Mentors build meaningful relationships with interns, help them adapt faster in the workplace, develop their skills and make sure they’re on track to meet the company’s and their own goals.

It’s extremely rewarding to guide interns and see them succeed in their projects. The more you put into the program and the individual, the more likely the internship will be a positive and mutually beneficial experience. ✨


What is an intern?

An intern is a student or trainee who works with an organization for a certain period of time to gain professional experience, skills, industry insights and possibly college credit. The internship is typically related to the intern’s career interests or field of study at school.

What are the benefits of hiring an intern?

There are several benefits when hiring interns. Companies can help the next generation by preparing them for the workforce, get help with tasks, gain new perspectives, boost their team’s leadership skills and look out for/train potential full-time employees.

How do I recruit an intern?

Recruiting an intern involves defining the internship position, creating a job post and application form, advertising the position, gathering and reviewing applications, interviewing applicants and making a selection from your pool of intern candidates. You should start the recruiting process 3-4 months in advance so students can properly plan their semester and ensure they comply with their school’s requirements.