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Big little improvements to help you hire

They may look small, but these updates make a big impact. Whether it’s managing your login sessions, or keeping your pages GDPR compliant, these changes are all about making how you hire with Homerun even easier. Here’s what we’ve added and improved the last few weeks:

Manage your online sessions

Take full control over where you’re logged in to Homerun and receive notifications when there’s a login from a new device. You can manage all active Homerun sessions and log out from devices where you’re not using Homerun (anymore) right from your profile. If someone unexpectedly logs into your account with your details you’ll get a notification right away so you can then take action, change your passwords and log out of that session, or all sessions.

Improved image and file uploading

Without getting too technical, we’ve improved how you can upload images to use in your job pages and how you upload files to candidate profiles. We’ve set the file size limit for images to 5 MB to ensure that all images on your pages load quickly. This lets potential candidates see all images, regardless of the download speed of their internet connection. We’ve also excluded the use of SVG images as those could contain malware.

New font provider

Many of the fonts in the Live Editor were hosted by Google Fonts and have now been replaced with a new font provider (Bunny). This provider is GDPR compliant and doesn’t track and/or save IP addresses from visitors. You shouldn’t notice any changes in Homerun when you’re editing a job or your career page, as it’s mostly a behind-the-scenes change enabling you to stay GDPR compliant while using Homerun.

More control over your API key

For beta users of our API, we’ve given you more control over your unique API key. You can now delete the API key from the Integrations page in your account, if you no longer need it or if you suspect misuse of your API key. This means you won’t have to contact our support team, giving you control of where and how it’s used.

Updated Hiring with Homerun sticker

The “Hiring with Homerun” sticker at the bottom of job posts, career pages and apply forms has received a shiny new update. It features a new color and font, making it a sticker you can wear proudly on your pages! Clicking it will bring curious visitors to a brand new Homerun page. The default share image has also received a makeover with the new font and color.

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