Customize event invitations to improve candidate experience

Your Homerun events just got a makeover! We've changed 3 things about your event invitations  that we think you'll find pretty useful:

Event invitations are now branded

Your event invitations now match the colors of your apply form and also include your logo. Now every touchpoint with your candidate is branded, consistent and not to mention, good looking! 😏

Good to note: the invitations will use the company logo, and the background color that you have set for your apply form (more on that here). So no need to make any changes yourself - your invitations are updated automatically.

New location options to help everyone be prepared

Whether you're meeting in person, online, or over the phone, it's now easier to add the right details to your event invitation so that everyone involved is prepared for your events.

Meeting at the office? The Address option will automatically insert the address of the respective job post. Meeting online? Easily add a video link! Scheduling a phone screen? You can choose Phone call and this will automatically add the candidate's phone number to the invitations so when the time comes you'll have their number at your fingertips.

Customize everything about your event invitations

You can now pick your own event titles and include a styled event description so that you can be super clear about what candidates can expect in an interview. With the new styling options, you can use bold, italic, underscore, bullet points, and hyperlinks to create an event description that is detailed and structured.

So no need to send a follow-up email with extra info. The invitations can now include all the info you and the candidate need to be fully prepared. Once you're ready to send, have a final look at a preview of the invitation. If it all looks good, send it off! 💌  You and your team will also receive a copy of the invitation in your mailbox with a link to the respective candidate profile. It doesn't get much handier than this.

We hope these updates will help you to hire better. Let us know what you think!

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