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Homerun & HoorayHR streamline your hiring and onboarding processes

Let's say you've successfully hired a new team member through Homerun. Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰Now, it's time to focus on the next step: onboarding your newest team member. Say hello to HoorayHR! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Our latest integration allows you to effortlessly transfer candidates hired in Homerun to your HoorayHR account and continue the journey at your company.

Enhance your HR workflow with HoorayHR

Building on Homerun's streamlined hiring process, HoorayHR picks up at the onboarding phase and organizes everything around your HR processes. This includes performance management, absence and leave registration, document and contract management, expense claims and more. As a full HRIS (Human Resources Information System) solution, HoorayHR helps SMBs to successfully onboard, manage and nurture their teams.

Quick and simple to integrate

Integrating with HoorayHR only takes a few clicks and is super simple to set up. All you need is a Homerun API key to get started. To guide you through the process, HoorayHR has a helpful article on Integrating Homerun and HoorayHR. Once configured, newly hired candidates in Homerun are automatically added to HoorayHR. You also have the option to manually import candidates from your Homerun account to HoorayHR.

The HoorayHR integration is available on the Homerun Light, Basic and Plus plans and on all HoorayHR plans. For more information about the integration, you can reach out to support@homerun.co. And to learn more about improving your HR workflow with HoorayHR, you can check out their website.


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