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More Big Little Improvements

Since the launch of the new and revamped Homerun, we’ve been hard at work to make Homerun even easier to use. We’ve listened to your feedback and suggestions and have further polished and improved some of the key workflows and features — all to make Homerun simpler, smarter and easier to use.

Contextual notifications

The candidate overview now shows new notifications for the candidate(s) who require your attention. With the new icons, you can instantly see which candidates are new and have just applied, which candidate has unread emails, on which profile a team member has mentioned you in a note and which candidate is still waiting for a first reply from you. These new notifications offer a quick and full overview of everything you’ve missed since you last logged in and help you stay on top of your hiring process.

New email notifications

There were a couple of instances where a candidate may have made a typo when adding their email address, which caused emails sent to the candidate to not be delivered. Luckily, you’ll now receive a notification whenever an email to a candidate couldn’t be delivered. From there, you can manually correct the email address on their profile in Homerun, or you can choose to contact the candidate in a different way.

Additionally, whenever a candidate replies to a “no-reply” email (such as the confirmation email), you’ll now receive a notification if that happens. You can reply to that email from the candidate profile in your Homerun account.

Updated sidebar

We recently introduced a brand new sidebar to Homerun to allow you to quickly switch between jobs, candidates and your settings. You can now resize and even expand the sidebar to view more information about your jobs such as job type and location. This comes in handy when you have open jobs with the same titles but for different locations, or just because you’d like to see a bit more info in the sidebar.

Auto-share new jobs with job boards

Getting your jobs out in the world got a whole lot easier. Right after publishing your job, you can choose to add the job to Google for Jobs, LinkedIn and/or Indeed. If you’ve enabled any of these job boards, your new jobs will be added automatically after publishing — no manual action is required. Also, right after publishing your jobs, you can now easily (re)view the share image for your job, copy the link to share the job with your team, invite team members to the hiring team and simply view the job post. We hope these added options make sharing your jobs a breeze!

Updated jobs and candidate list view

You can now create a view that works for you with an updated jobs and candidate list view. With different hiring stages (New, Qualified, First Interview, etc.) and different departments (Marketing, Product, Engineering, etc.), both lists can quickly fill your screen with a lot of info. You can now simply collapse or hide the stages and/or departments to create your preferred view. Whenever you close Homerun and log in again the next day, your preferences are saved.

New keyboard shortcuts

To speed up working in Homerun even a little bit more, we’ve added a couple of shortcuts to quickly get to where you want to go:

  • cmd+k opens the search bar to quickly go to the right candidate
  • / toggles the sidebar

On the candidate profile:

  • esc to close a candidate profile and go back to the overview
  • k to move to the previous candidate
  • j to move to the next candidate
  • m to compose an email
  • n to write a note
  • d to disqualify a candidate
  • 1-5 to add a star-rating

We’d love to hear suggestions for additional shortcuts, so you can send yours to support@homerun.co and we’ll try to add them.

We hope these smaller updates improve your hiring big time. If you have any more feedback, ideas or suggestions, feel free to send them through to support@homerun.co

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