More little big improvements and bug fixes!

No matter how big or small, every Homerun update is meant to make your hiring process easier, better, and faster. Here are some changes we've made lately:

Now easily copy your Page styling to other job posts or your career page:

We've added a little feature that can save you a lot of hassle when you want the Page styling of your job posts to be consistent. You can now copy the Page Styling from one job post (or career page) and paste it to another.

So if you've perfected the page styling on one job post, you can copy its page styling, go to the Live Editor of your other job posts and paste the styling with just a couple of clicks. The same goes for your career page! Like this:

You can now add Github field to your apply form:

Companies hiring developers can now ask candidates to fill in their Github profile. Just turn on the "Github" option in your Apply form settings for each job you find this relevant for.

You can now also add a pronoun field to your apply form:

You can now give candidates to opportunity to enter their pronouns as part of their application. This is a great way to help more people feel welcome at your company.

Take actions on multiple candidates from the job overview:

It's now possible to take actions on multiple candidates from a job's Overview screen. Clicking on the candidate's profile images or initials allows you to select one or more candidates. When at least one candidate is selected, the action bar appears in the bottom of the screen, allowing you to move, email or disqualify the selected candidates. Easy peasy!

Browser tabs now have names so that you can keep track of your tabs:

Your browser tab will now show you where you are in Homerun. This is super helpful if you're one of those people who has 1000 tabs open at the same time (we don't judge). It also helps to see which job a candidate is located in.

Some bug fixes and tweaks for a better experience:

  • When disqualifying a candidate, the notification of them applying is now removed for everybody on the hiring team. This means you no longer click on notifications of new candidates only to find out your colleague has already disqualified them.
  • We've fixed a bug where candidates would automatically be moved to an old stage if two or more users had the same job open at the same time.
  • We've updated our file upload and image processing functionality in apply form, preventing the system from struggling with large files or some unsupported formats.

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