Employer Branding

Manage your interviews centrally in Homerun

With just a few clicks you can now send a beautifully branded invitation including pre-filled event information. This saves you time and energy you can focus on the more important parts of hiring.

Fewer clicks. More chill.

Save time with pre-filled interview invites

New event templates help you get those invites to candidates out faster. Pre-filled with almost all the event information – all you need to do is set a time, date and add any team members.

Branded Event Invitations

Your event invitations match your chosen brand colors and also include your logo. Now every touchpoint with your candidate is branded, consistent and not to mention, good looking! 😏

You won’t miss a thing!

Your events are now synced with your calendar meaning everything you need to know is displayed in Homerun and your calendar. You’ll get notified when candidates accept or decline invites and you can see when an invite is still pending.

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