Homerun redesigned

Where do we start! We're pretty psyched about this update, because it's one of our biggest and thoroughest to date. There's a couple of differences. Some huge you'll notice right away, some tiny you'll notice eventually. 

First of all, we've redesigned the entire review workflow, which is now stage based, enabling you to focus on exactly those candidates that are relevant to you. Second, thanks to rebuilding a lot of code from the ground up, Homerun is faster than ever! We've also added a new job navigation, making you click a whole lot less.

There's one more feature which we won't give away in this intro, rewarding those who read this post to the very, very end.

Stage based reviewing

Instead of the former 3 tabs (Applicants, Leaderboard, Statusboard), you now manage your candidates from the stages in your pipeline, intuitively reflecting your natural recruitment process. From now on candidates who have applied, can be found in the ‘Applied’ tab. Candidates invited for an interview are in the ‘Interview’ tab. Get it? The statusboard (with an overview of every stage and all candidates) has been moved to the first ‘Overview’ tab.

This redesign also enables us to add exciting new features and improvements we've got planned for the near future. Stay tuned! 

It might take you some getting used to, but if you give it a chance, you'll never want to go back to the old days :)

Up to 10 times faster

As mentioned we lost some serious weight under the hood. Especially when managing large amounts of candidates, you'll definitely notice the difference. Big up to our tech team who optimised Homerun's code, making Homerun up to ten times faster!

New job navigation

Part of the big redesign is a new job navigation, making it easier for you to access candidate's, to do's, events, promotion, insights, the editor and settings from wherever you are. Starting with your dashboard:

When you’re working in a job post, you can now quickly navigate to other features without going back and forth to your dashboard. You'll also notice dedicated pages to view To do's and Events per Job opening.

One more thing. Adding a job post to apply form only

Remember when you created an 'application form only' job and decided, a few days later that you made a mistake and wanted a 'job post and application form'? After consulting our charming support team, you were left with a sincere "Sorry, you'll have to create a new job from scratch". Well, that's in the past now. With one click you can add a job post to an existing 'apply form only' job. Woop!

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