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Set up custom integrations with our updated public API

Integrate Homerun with other tools using our more stable and secure public API - fresh out of beta. Whether you want to build an integration with your favorite HR, CRM, or analytics tool, new and improved fields give you more options and improved security across all endpoints.

Improved security

The updated public API gives you access to more of the data in your account – and to ensure the security of your data through all touch points in Homerun, as well as through the endpoints in the public API, it’s now possible to create multiple keys, rotate keys without downtime, and set granular permissions and an optional expiry date for each key. We’ve also implemented an extensive log where you can now see who generated an API key, and when it was last used.

More fields, more options, more available data

If you’ve used our beta API before, good news: we’ve removed the temporary status of all the temporary fields and gave them a permanent spot in our new API. This allows you to set up and build integrations with more stability and assurance.

Additionally, we’ve expanded the fields and actions available for your data in our public API. For example, you can now use the public API to move candidates between different hiring stages within a job, as well as move between different jobs in your Homerun account.

Migrating from the previous API

We’ll discontinue the beta or previous version of our API on December 1st, 2023, so if you’re currently using that one, we encourage you to migrate to our new API. Check out our article with all the documentation you need on how to migrate to our public API. If you’re using or plan on using our API for data related to your job posts, take a look at the XML feed feature which holds all public data from your job posts, but in a light and easily accessible format. The feeds give you freedom to build your own career page, or set up integrations with different job boards.

The public API is available to all companies on the Plus plan. If you have any questions about the public API, you can send an email to support@homerun.co. We’ll continue to add more fields, actions and improvements in the future so stay tuned for more updates.

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