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Simply source candidates with the Talent Clipper

When you’re scouting the web for candidates on LinkedIn, Dribbble, or Github you want to be able to quickly add qualified candidates to your Homerun account. Look no further - the Homerun Talent Clipper is a browser extension that allows you to source candidates from everywhere on the web, right into your Homerun account.

Simpler, faster, better, stronger

The Talent Clipper has been around for a couple of years but deserved some love and attention. That’s why it got a nice makeover to match Homerun’s latest new colors and fonts. Additionally, it got a big boost in performance, as it’s now more stable and a lot easier to add candidates to the right job.

When you’re on the LinkedIn profile of a qualified candidate simply click the Homerun icon to open the Talent Clipper sidebar to add the candidate to your Homerun account. The clipper works for most major professional social media platforms and adds the name and any other available information to the candidate profile in Homerun.

Shared login with Homerun

The Talent Clipper doesn’t require a separate login as it now shares your login session with the one you use for Homerun. So once you’re logged into Homerun, you’re logged into the Talent Clipper and you can start sourcing candidates. This also means that you can now use the Talent Clipper regardless of your login method - Google, Microsoft, email and password or if it’s protected with 2FA.

You can find the Homerun Talent Clipper in the Chrome store for Google Chrome and in the Firefox Add-ons store for Firefox. Here you can download the Talent Clipper as an extension for your browser. For more info on how the Talent Clipper works, check out How do I source people directly to my Homerun account? or send a message to our support team.

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