What we shipped: August 2019

Last month we shipped a brand new look and a rebuilt engine.

This month we've taken the first step in releasing new features using our new engine. Read on to find out what we shipped!


  • You can now search candidates from every page. Just hit cmd + K (mac) or ctrl + K (Windows) to bring up the search window.
  • We added Upscope so that our customer success team can more easily help solve customer issues by sharing their screen.
  • The all to-dos page now sorts the to-dos by due date automatically
  • You can now view if a candidate has applied before in a closed job
  • Increased performance for companies with 50+ jobs. Users that are part of many hiring teams can collapse jobs on the dashboard to cut down on loading times significantly.

Bug fixes

  • Links in team notes are now clickable again
  • Answers to questions are now formatted correctly again
  • Re-added the link to the candidate profile when moving a candidate to a different job
  • Fixed an issue where the delivery status for an email could be empty
  • Fixed an issue where each email sent to a candidate would show up as a separate email instead of a thread
  • Fixed an issue where email template placeholders were not being replaced with values

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