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Your new Homerun is here.

Meet your new Homerun - the radically easy-to-use hiring tool has been revamped and got even simpler, smarter and easier to use. New navigation lets you seamlessly switch from candidates, to jobs and back. A new dashboard gives you a clearer view of all your hiring tasks. Access your most important jobs and candidates, upcoming interviews and to-dos, and learn more about hiring through inspiring content and new features.

The new Homerun is the next step in our mission to continue building a hiring tool for small businesses with big hearts. The revamped navigation and dashboard pave the way for new features to help you hire better and more efficiently. As always, we’ll regularly share helpful and inspiring content about all things hiring.

Compact new dashboard

Your most important jobs and candidates, upcoming interviews and to-dos are now organized in a simple and compact overview.

Seamless sidebar navigation

Our brand new sidebar navigation means you’re always one click away from your hiring pipeline/process: the job post, application form and your candidates.

Easier access to your jobs

Your most important jobs, right where when you need them and always accessible. Drag and drop jobs and put them in the order that works best for you.

Contextual notifications

Small, but mighty. Different labels allow you to instantly see which candidates have just applied or need your attention, giving your candidate experience a boost.

Simple job navigation

Another revamped design as we’ve rethought how you navigate inside a job. You’re now one click away from the most important parts of your hiring process: the job post, the application form and your candidates. All job settings and other features like the Insight page are still there and ready for you.

Birds eye view of your All Jobs page

Filter, search, or sort all the jobs you have access to, in just seconds. You can now find your active, draft and closed jobs all on one page. Whether you need to quickly check something from a closed job, make changes to a draft job or access that job where you’re not part of the hiring team, this page’s got it all.

We’re thrilled to continue on our mission with you to make hiring easier and more meaningful. If you have any feedback or questions about Homerun, send us an email at support@homerun.co.

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