2021 Product year in review

The year 2021 turned out to be another rollercoaster of a year, but among all the twists and turns that marked the year, we made a lot of cool, fun, and helpful stuff we’re proud of!

We’re very grateful that you’ve let Homerun help you hire better and build amazing teams all around the world. In the 6 years Homerun has been around, we’ve seen companies grow from 1 to 80, create beautiful job posts but most impressive of all, we’ve seen how much care and thoughtfulness gets put into the candidate experience and hiring process.

You’ve shared suggestions, ideas and feedback on how we can continue to improve Homerun and with your input, we’ve been able to add some pretty nifty and impactful features to Homerun, making sure you’re ready for 2022. We wanted to take a moment to look back on the highlights:

Event updates

Your Homerun events got a fancy makeover! We've changed 3 things about your event invitations that we think have been pretty useful:

  • Event invitations are now branded as they show your company logo and color
  • New location options to help everyone be prepared whether it’s a video call, or interview at the office
  • Customize everything about your event invitations with styling options you can create an event description that is detailed and structured

For more info on this big update:

Live Editor updates

We know beautiful, meaningful and modern job posts are a great way to attract candidates. That’s why we’ve updated our Live Editor to make creating and editing these a tad bit easier.

  • Save before publishing - save your work, close your browser, and pick up where you left off the next day
  • Restore old versions with Version History - open, save, preview, and publish previously saved versions of your pages
  • Preview before publish - Preview your job before you publish it (including added custom code)
  • Added a bunch of new fonts - get creative with these bold new fonts that are pretty out there
  • Copy-paste page styling to other pages - save time and copy the Page Styling from one job post (or career page) and paste it to another
  • Styling options - center the Apply now button, adjust the letter spacing, it’s time to get these creative juices flowing

If you’d like to learn more about these and other smaller updates, check out both these blog posts:

Job post templates

For those who struggle to create great-looking job posts, we’ve launched 12 job post templates that are ready for you to use! Who knew job posts could look this good.

Share with Indeed and VONQ

With the new XML feed, sharing your jobs became a whole lot easier. From your Homerun account you can generate an XML feed link that you can then send over to Indeed, or VONQ. The feeds in these job boards are automatically updated when you create, change or close a job. Like magic ✨

For more on the XML feed, and other small tweaks and updates:

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